My pals Ben and Suzanne from @honeyhoneyband laying it down in the podcast studio.
  • joeroganMy pals Ben and Suzanne from @honeyhoneyband laying it down in the podcast studio.

  • kuwyEddie Bravo + Jeff Glover
  • spockrockAs a musician myself, good for them and im sure theyre rad people, but one Honey Honey episode was enough. They play boring music.
  • scott1976000Joe "pitbull" Rogan
  • raddie_tthis is as bad as the time you were trying to explain how Radar Love was such an amazing song to that Crabapple chick #douchebumps
  • jeover80I can't believe people are being so rude. They're undeniably talented and all evidence points to them being kind people, often interesting enough as well.
  • carlyclarkzimmerLOVE these guys! After I saw them in Brooklyn Suzanne inspired my to finally start playing my banjo again!
  • rdme_Ok not shit people, BORING MOTHER FUCKERS
  • thepaulsandersThey are awesome
  • glockspetsReally like them on the podcast. They back already for another one?
  • martin_condeI like their music and not only that but them as guests... haters will be haters.
  • thehungarianhornetGet kit dale on, that would be quite the show
  • fifty1fiftyIs john hackleman crying? I missed the fight
  • navahommieHoneyhoney is no joke. But you gotta check out @nickibluhm and the gramblers.
  • dominicanjuJoe can on podcast #107 @9:48 you state that you smoked weed in HS but haven't you stated that you smoked much later in life?
  • meat_pilot@dominicanju that's so true! Joe did say he only smoked way later when he met Eddie.
  • jozeph23They suck they are the high school band that should have broken up
  • dominicanju@meat_pilot yea need to get to bottom of that
  • marcustattoosWent to watch EVERLAST at king tuts Glasgow last night and he was full of praises for you starting his acoustic path🙏✊#stoneinmyhand
  • errlando_jonesYou guys rock
  • savagepresleyIf you don't like Ben & Suz then fuck you. I hope your children get kidnapped and never found.
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