Getting that bronzed glow ☀️💄#beach #makeup #summer
  • icingstoresGetting that bronzed glow ☀️💄#beach #makeup #summer

  • nouveaucheap@icingstores oooh, is that palette new? :)
  • icingstoresYes! It is one of our new expert palettes! You can view the colors 67094 💕
  • nouveaucheap@icingstores Ooooh thank you!! I'm on it!! :)
  • hopeful91Have you tried their blushes or bronzers?? I ❤️ anything with anchors and they have a bronzer with one on it, 😊😂 @nouveaucheap
  • nouveaucheap@hopeful91 no, but I've had readers tell me that they have really stepped up their game with their makeup and that there are lots of gems to be had. I need to get to a store and do a haul soon!
  • vrygoodbadexmplI've used the bronzers and I love them.
  • lovebrigetteOooh! These are definitely on my list to try and review ;)
  • pineaaaprilI love the quality of their makeup and brushes. I have eczema and it's really hard to find makeup that doesn't irritate my skin. I find the moisturizing face primer one of my must haves since I have dry skin along with their bamboo hd foundation brush. And their bronzes work fantastically if you are trying to contour your face since they are matte. They have a BOGO 50% off their cosmetics, and they have a lot of new cosmetics. @nouveaucheap @brigetteramos @hopeful91
  • _mun96@nawalmmd_
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