Co-breast feeding.
  • jennyandteets2Co-breast feeding.

  • kdeye7580Jenny! You look so amazing and skinny! Parenthood certainly agree with you guys ;)
  • heathereleanoraNice boots... And booty!!
  • crmarquard_johnaSuch a SWEET photo to cherish! Love you guys
  • kylead@jackie_brandes totally!! 👴
  • sollysharkCute! Nice family picture
  • amandaelioWhat a GREAT mama! And what a great papa too. Love this! Breastfeeding is awesome.
  • mrsfife316Cute... @nolerice only the most natural thing on the planet
  • katiebmaineAll I see are the Chloe boots. Yummy!! Cute kid too :)
  • pacificerinMy daughter Indigo was breastfed for four months and had a hard time adjusting to a bottle at first. I would trick her by placing/balancing the bottle on top of my boob so she would think she was still getting the breast.
  • meebtimes2@taraharrison I couldn't help myself. Now i feel ashamed, thanks.
  • pringiloJason looks super comfortable.
  • ab71489Those legs are lookin good mama!
  • taraharrison@meebtimes2 I'm sorry for joke shaming you, friend. I'll allow it.
  • lbloodWhat a beautiful family bonding picture! Thank you for sharing it :-)
  • lima_lc😄
  • cinthiamenjivar❤️
  • ncsaleh@c_thompson23 I thought you'd love this picture
  • caeylabagginsI love your feed, especially when I'm taking my REALLY serious (not really) life way too serious. You really help me wake up and smell shit. Or however that goes. Bye.
  • it
  • aubry_pNic_stars81
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