#Sneakpeek! Dive into our latest Pop-In: Surf City, launching tomorrow. #NORDSTROMPOP #nordstrom #surf 🌊🏄👙
  • nordstrom#Sneakpeek! Dive into our latest Pop-In: Surf City, launching tomorrow. #NORDSTROMPOP #nordstrom #surf 🌊🏄👙

  • lodi1018@ohangiedefarlo this reminds me of the bottom you got! An idea for how to mix it....
  • miss_melia_ann@blenderseyewear
  • ang_cummins@lodi1018 definitely! Good eye 😏
  • emmyanny@andrealessner LOVE
  • lavypieriBeautiful
  • nordstromThanks for asking, @aliysiah. After examining the use of the Android App, we found customers increasingly used our mobile site. We’ve made the decision to focus our development efforts on our Mobile Website – m.nordstrom.com – as the primary tool for Android mobile users. We will continue to analyze how customers are shopping on their Android mobile devices and how best to address those needs. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks again. -Zelina
  • srdz1909😜私人订制-大牌省钱通道😘
  • dinawashere_What's "pop-in"? I don't get it?
  • nordstromGreat question, @iwasdina! Pop-In @ Nordstrom is a series of Pop-Up shops online and in selected stores. Each shop is a curated selection of exclusive and limited-edition items by our Director of Creative Projects, @espionsecret. To learn more about our latest Pop-In: Surf City, visit Nordstrom.com/pop. - Amanda
  • nancielove@nordstrom what is the style number of the bikini top? I love it!!! @nordstrom
  • nordstromHi @nancielove! You're looking at the Smoothies by Gossip 'Summer Crochet' Bandeau Bikini. To check it out on our website, search for item number 864506. Enjoy. - Amanda
  • nordstromHi @giggles1430! We'll be sure to share this with @espionsecret, our Director of Creative Projects. If you'd like to share your contact info with me, I'd be happy to pass that along. You can email me at john.hintze@nordstrom.com. Thanks.  -John
  • puravidabracelets@giggles1430 @nordstrom 😃
  • giggles1430@nordstrom Hey john.. Just sent you some info about @puravidabracelets would love to send you some goodies as well! Let me know! Thanks! 😉
  • nancielove@nordstrom what is the style number for the bikini bottoms! I love them!!! @nordstrom
  • nordstromHey @nancielove! The item number for the cute bikini bottoms is 864496 in Pink. Wishing you some gorgeous summer weather!  - Matt
  • nazcimacioHi! do you have ombre fringes? How to order and how much for philippines?
  • nordstromHi, @nazcimacio! You can start your shopping by copying and pasting this link in your browser http://bit.ly/1iNtDQx . This will allow you to see the prices to ship our products internationally. Our selection of fringed bikinis can be found here: http://bit.ly/1nVSwvq . Have a wonderful day -Mike
  • vytran24@samanthashear this one too
  • ring1986@3yonkdnity
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