wow, team instagram named a filter after our dog! :) @toasterpup thanks you!
  • kevinrosewow, team instagram named a filter after our dog! :) @toasterpup thanks you!

  • daryaroseProud mama!
  • cynamonThat's cool
  • jminI like your stuffed animal.
  • pagsfit's a great name for the new filter!
  • lmc_sftoaster I've already used you!
  • sashamarieWow, that's awesome
  • shegsIstagram?? :P
  • twelf_manToo bad hes not as cool as my charlie ! >=)
  • kimmahHow do I get filters
  • acomputerproJust don't smoke Camels.
  • frideswide1Sweet puppy! Guinness barks 'Hi!' from Seattle!
  • skylorToaster is a GREAT filter!
  • ebbynezer@MackThePuppy asks you to follow him on twitter in order to sched. the cutest walkoff competition for those who obviously do not have the time to spell schedule. Sure it's a protected Acct, but aren't all the most awesome fashion shows underwater?
  • thatgrahamKevin Toaster pup is becoming even more influential than you on the Internet. Viva la Toaster
  • little_dorritJust updated my app. Must test this. I'm a little disappointed to have the app in french though... Would have prefered to stay in English...
  • shariloudeanI love this dog!!!
  • michelebluethis photo was used in an article I was reading on my pulse news app. cool.
  • treyratcliffI want the Cylon Toaster Filter
  • geoffkcToaster can't spell
  • fuzzfpv#youarewelcome
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