#ChinookArc #capturecalgary #publicart #yyc
  • neil_zee#ChinookArc #capturecalgary #publicart #yyc

  • brettmorrisonAwesome with the rain.
  • _bozlo_Very nice. I need to go see this..
  • jfolkmannWhere is that?? :)
  • gemmacwallaceIts a really interesting sculpture, saw them erecting the piece, though I think the placement in the park wasn't quite right... Its awkward. @jfolkmann 'The Chinook' is located on 12th Ave & 9th street SW.
  • jfolkmannThanks @nomadicexport
  • neil_zee@nomadicexport I like it and where it's placed. It's a bit of a quandary because you can never see it all at once, so it throws it off balance. Your brain wants to see it all, but your eyes won't let it. I like how it interacts with the street and the sharp architecture around it. It will feel a lot better once the construction is done across the street. It's kind of a negative space right now.
  • gemmacwallaceYou're totally right about the visuals throwing you off balance and the construction putting it in a negative space! Lovely photo regardless. :) Thanks for the heads up that the light shows ends at 11pm, I'm going to take photos of it soon.
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