Skating with these bros today! @ishodwair @currencaples @monsterenergy @xgames
  • nyjahSkating with these bros today! @ishodwair @currencaples @monsterenergy @xgames

  • sadbitch27😍😍
  • elmachucaColorado Street
  • shawalbashahIshod wair??ohh no...
  • spencerwrossYour a fucking kook
  • joe_canon84When your done being the top dog and your fans and groupies are gone please hit me up so we can chop it up about frontline, CASL..... if you ever get a chance ask your dad about me...... I am so happy for you success and to know someone I grow up skating with made it feels so good..... your older brother Ahbi remembers me ask him.....
  • anchlmd😘
  • hesus.j@lolyoyo552
  • hesus.jBest skaters in one pic that's amazing
  • isabelly_96@_o__o_luis
  • krodphotoIshod: did you win SOTY yet? Nyjah : nah you did Ishod: that rights
  • anaaa_chavezHotter then your man lala 😜 @half_savage
  • _diamondbabez_Ur hella fine^.^
  • klaranorgaard@anifh
  • yungswaggosaurierboyCurren caples is boss
  • tommyjoeiiiAll fucking GOATS. Y'all keep me motivated man!
  • shalessotohey nyjah I'm currently watching your episode of redicilousness and just relized how cool u are your only 4 years older than u and look up to u so much. I was Born in New York where skateboarding was really popular but four years ago I moved to a small town in Illinois. where people longboard I picked it up pretty fast and loved it. my friends and make videos on YouTube and have a group called spl aka summit point longboarders. some guys don't think I should be in the group since I'm a girl but just as good as them. but yeah I just wanted to say I love u sooo much and your so cool and such an inspiration to me since u started at such a younge age. I really hope u see this and respond but u probobly won't cause I know ur busy but it would still be cool. ummm yeah sooo bye
  • shalessotooh and srry it's kinda confussing ^ @nyjah_huston
  • carlacmadeiraShakejunt
  • absoultion@idcsara
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