Do little girls do this too? #boymom
  • bibilaneDo little girls do this too? #boymom

  • kimwootEvery.single.pair of shoes look like this in our house! And jeans. They'll be barefoot wearing lots of jorts this summer 😂😂 @bibilane
  • gussiedYes! Mine does - she scuffs her toes along the floor in purpose because of the sound it makes! We are getting crocs this week, for this same reason!
  • mrs_lindsayhopkinsShoe destroyers.
  • hcbigelow@bibilane I wonder the same thing! I figured its either a boy thing or I buy JUST enough to last, lol! My boys tear up shoes and jeans like nobody's business! I was pulling out a box of old clothes for Logan, and Ethan even wore out 18 month jeans!! I was like, "Well these won't last much longer!" HA!!
  • bibilane@hcbigelow We've gone both the cheaper vs. expensive route to see if the more expensive things last longer. Nope. If there are name brand shoes in our house, they are hand me downs!
  • gacheeta@bibilane Nash's looks just like that!! Happens to every pair of his! And I get expensive sketcher shoes, same thing
  • betsyparrishBiz puts a whoopin' on shoes. I can't even hand them down to Cannon. She'd look homeless from the knees down!
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