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  • attThe @ASUSUSA #PadFoneX features a seamless user experience between a #smartphone and a #tablet display.

  • xoxolizzaOoh fancy!! This is brill. Would love to review one @ASUSUSA for a #tech segment!
  • jeyselcabreras@wanderp23 @rijodesign
  • carlosgomez@marco_who @dj_boy_tek
  • malexrubioOk @chazyfizz and Dufek are super 🌟's
  • billyj70@annekej680 check this out
  • annekej680That's cool @billyj70
  • peighdayRelease date?
  • att@peighday It's coming soon! Feel free to stay up-to-date here: http://soc.att.com/1mMlg9D.
  • brittanycreatesPlease be warned. AT&T has nightmarish customer service. I've been put on hold for over an hour on multiple attempts to fix my installation date. Its apparent now that no one there can assist me and instead of displaying honesty about this they have ignored my calls, dropped my last call , an d then refused to call me back...even when an incident number as been created and filed! I even went to a store to rectify this issue and they could do nothing but call the same incompetent customer service that I had already contacted!!!! I'm having to cancel my service before it even begins. I will be actively encouraging people to refrain from utilizing any of AT&T's services. You have just lost the potential of a very loyal customer!!!! #attsucks
  • domsanchez09That's stupid .
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