What beauties! Who's adding on Iona or Jules to their #MayMaven box this month?
  • julepmavenWhat beauties! Who's adding on Iona or Jules to their #MayMaven box this month?

  • iskrillz@bitchimightbey Why can't you skip? The option is there for me...
  • bitchimightbey@iskrillz they said that people who signed up before January of this year can only skip once every six months for inventory reasons it's pretty crazy
  • iskrillzI've never heard of that. I signed up well before January (last March) and I've skipped every box so far this year. @bitchimightbey Either I'm glitched or someone lied to you.
  • bitchimightbey@iskrillz I meant after January
  • prettylittlemanicure@iskrillz if you signed up before the rules for skipping changed, then they don't affect you. Anyone who signs up now only gets 1 skip per 6 months.
  • dalybeautyCute!
  • iskrillz@bitchimightbey Ah I see, I was just reading through their site and found it. If that were the case when I signed up I NEVER would have become a Maven. That's a ridiculous policy and a really awful money stealing scheme. You should not have to pay for anything you don't want.
  • lucysheaMe!
  • laaurentii@emmadelaineee
  • catielittlelady🙋 I am!!!
  • pattieaI'm adding Jules. Pretty.
  • its_savanuhh@iskrillz I agree. I signed up January 2014 and was also under the impression that I could skip any box because that is what every blog said. So I was going to skip March & the option wasn't there & by the time I realized, it was too late to cancel my subscription. It's a really awful policy. I took this month's box because it gives me enough jules to get next month free and I'm probably canceling my subscription after that. I'm not going to keep buying nail polishes I don't want! :(
  • hotdogssssssssBoth!
  • natalie._yatesI love those!!
  • kuckbabyWhat other beauty box allows you any kind of skip option? None that I know of. And there are 5 boxes to choose from, not a one size fits all box. If you don't like the service, call and cancel
  • aileenlikeapralineIona is out of stock again. Any idea if it will be back in stock before the deadline tomorrow?
  • elizabethyasmeen@julepmaven thanks for letting me know, even though I didn't see the comment till just now! Haha I got it!! And the creativity kit also, so excited for it!!
  • theemeraldrhysIona!
  • elle_duran@buzzlite_beer something like this would be cute!
  • bregerslabLove this colour combo! :)
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