Checcin out my New 35 footer boat #fountain Summer Tyme it's on !!
  • 0ne0foneCheccin out my New 35 footer boat #fountain Summer Tyme it's on !!

  • beachneck24And I'll tell you like I told him. Go get actual stats supporting how rg3 can't ball and then we'll talk. Those stats don't exist.
  • chadhttr@matthew_schlosser RG3 was injured and had the worst defense in the league, and still had more yards than Foles and a +60% completion... Foles obviously had a fluke year, great and all, but this year will tell the true tale. Good luck and health to both teams. Its not that serious.
  • chadhttr@matthew_schlosser Foles had 30 total tds last year, rg3 had 43 in two years so that stat you tried making up, is a lie. Also, everybody knows how to defend the no huddle quick style offense now, we'll get to see what happens to them now.
  • beachneck24@chadhttr thank you. And a 100% healthy RG3 with a basically rebuilt team and a coach who is qb friendly. We're also the only team in the nfl w 3 wrs on our roster who were top 35 in the league last year and a top 5 rb. Wait till they get a load of Reed too healthy. I'm excited. They just don't know. They're gonna learn. Hail!
  • beachneck24Notice when it came time for those 2 two to actually look up stats, they didn't retort. Just saying.
  • matt_schlosserThen why didn't the redskins beat the eagles the second game.... @chadhttr
  • _jakequesterI find it funny how you guys are still die hard redskins fans when they've only made the playoffs 3x since 99. Skins blow. *not to mention how fragile rg3 is
  • _jakequester@beachneck24 @chadhttr
  • beachneck24@_jakequester really? I think it says everything I need to know about you that you find it odd that someone would stick with their team no matter what. Pretty sure you just admitted being a bandwagon fan.
  • beachneck24And honestly- the Redskins have 3 rings during my lifetime. How many have the Eagles won during your.... oh wait...
  • joeystretchHey desaun u have amazing fans In Seattle wa . I was wondering if u could do anything to support like an autograph to a mother of a son who had died in the oso mudslide he was your best fan. Look at his page @jojo_10_12 . Just answer back if u want to u @0ne0fone don't half to tho . Thanks
  • sabi_lynn87😍😍😍
  • bigheadnenea laarrgge he got moneeeyyyy
  • funnybunssHow many bitches can u fit in there
  • prettygirljordanTake me with u please! @0ne0fone
  • mz_gia🏊🏊🏄🏄🏊🏊 I see u boo 🚣🚣🚤🚤⛵️⛵️ @one0fone 😘😘😘
  • mz_gia@0ne0fone
  • keebs14Guess I gotta go get me a boat lol 👀👀🚤🚤🚢
  • ohhh_maiii😍
  • krissybabi_dabossDesean....!!!!! Hey buddy😊
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