I miss my honey @todd167. His in LA working. #Executiveproducerlife 🎬
  • kandiI miss my honey @todd167. His in LA working. #Executiveproducerlife 🎬

  • well56Power couple
  • kissmsqueen"He is" or "He's" not "His"...lol
  • useraccount1276I love him
  • templegirlrunningWork it out Todd!!
  • tara_zamarYou guys look perfect together, congrats!
  • mamabear_0915Wow! People are so petty. Get a life!
  • dyanavtNo violence. I was actually trying to be funny. I just think it's funny when people point out grammar or spelling errors when they are making them, too. It's all good. =)
  • dyanavtI don't think she was being rude though, hence the hearts. =)
  • twinfiyaI'm happy for you!!
  • platinum_veezaiI hate when people correct mistake when they are clearly mistakes... im sure she knows the difference between His and He's. #GetLivesPeople
  • caramellamagMy favorite line - "How does that work? " - Todd.... starting to use it with my clients lol
  • stephlover1529Go Todd do it for your family..
  • nikki_in_takenAww go head Todd do the damn things go make that money
  • belle_animaiPhone autocorrect ppl often put the wrong word...I'm sure kandi can spell and knows proper grammar
  • dinerosupremeFrom a group of women who don't use the S with a possessive noun. I highly doubt it was an error. but I like the sleeve. Didn't know Todd had ink.
  • kimmica20smh @ the grammar po-po out in force. Y'all know what the hell she meant.
  • sneekyeyesLove it
  • cuterdenyachik@kimberlirussell
  • jamesdeeactorNot only is she stunning as a Bride, her voice remains flawless! What chops=)). Congrats!
  • oh_thats_gigi***WAIST TRIMMERS ARE BUY 1 GET 1 HALF OFF***
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