#BOYCOTT #whatcenturyisthis
  • petersom#BOYCOTT #whatcenturyisthis

  • keithemorrisonSo upsetting to see that in this day and age people are still fixated on the issues of yesteryear. #getoverit
  • gammanagel👎👎👎
  • jondeema👎
  • andrewrhysyoung:(
  • mr_orlando_Ugh. 👎😣
  • brianna___young😡👎
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  • liamsburg🚫
  • ariffdamitLol @peter_som they do not get stoned to death for being gay. Non-muslims have been propagating that the implementation of hudud would affect non-muslims. Why must that be so if the law is clear that the Islamic criminal law covers only muslims in Brunei? Stop politicising and interfering in the sacred faiths of all Bruneians. They should be given full privacy and freedom to practice their faiths. Non-muslims who still think that they have the right to interfere in the affairs of Muslims and Islam, why don’t they try to change and start thinking out of the box. Mind your own business is still the best policy.
  • firsuhailifinally, an educated mind..thanks for the support @nelson_jaryl
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