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  • celious26I arrived in NJ at midnight awaiting this moment. The moment of returning to my home, my workplace, my domain! I must say this feeling never gets old. Believe me it's get harder and harder every year knowing that when this time comes you have to abandon your family, significant other, and friends. But everything great comes with a sacrifice. This is my passion and my love. I am always humbled and more importantly extremely blessed to be approaching moments like these after 9 NFL Seasons. This will be my 10 year and it's seems like yesterday I was just walking the stage of NY after hearing my name called as the 8th overall pick in the first round going to the AZ Cardinals. I am truly blessed. You must have all faith in God to be where I am. This is extremely hard to do but very easy to accomplish with the right team around you and with your faith in God. So I am here to say that I never ever take moments like these for granted. I love it each and everyday. #fortunate #blessings #grindmode #mycraft #mylove #mypassion

  • celious26@dockett90 u already know
  • missk082Welcome back ; )
  • nflagentMy guyyyyy
  • jmfoymck@antrelrolle omg!! I'm beyond excited.. Giants fans are grateful for your passion!! Thanks for always giving it your all #letsrolle
  • topflightapparelBra wuz gud
  • adrianbeasonProud of you brother, as a man on and off the field. Wishing you the best @antrelrolle
  • glo_boy_sachoYou should ask for a trade to go back to Ariazona
  • silvia_alvaYour my favorite player because you have the most amazing personality @antrelrolle
  • nygiantsfunclubcan ya start responding to ur fans? itll make someones day, (mine!) and itll be awesome! thx if possible keep up the good work! @antrelrolle
  • jenrufoWelcome back
  • topgunharrydunneIt's comments like that that will endear you to giants fans forever. Your career will one day end but you will remain a giant for life. Make it double digits a great year!
  • satdiveAll the best. Good luck. And god bless you and your family. Go Big Blue!
  • mdgiants3If this secondary can gel together early, big things may come for this years giants. Draft another linebacker too, someone with consistency and physicality. Intimidation.
  • msjackie4343Lets us know if ur in the city. To say hi
  • blackjack93@malikyoung52 @ward051195
  • ______epic______Blessed🙏
  • just_darya😍👌 @antrelrolle
  • jslashh88I love that you love being a #GIANT ... Players like you are the reason I love this team #thankyou #CaptainRolle #C
  • puertorican_queen_dWelcome back, love seeing you on that field n I can't wait to watch the team practice, hoping see one in person this year.
  • camdensfinest856GOD BLESS BRO.👏🙏👆
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