Absolutely unforgiving!!!
  • brian_atwoodAbsolutely unforgiving!!!

  • fnn_wWhats up with you all people who seem so new to Brunei's law? Saudi Arabia applied the same law as Brunei wayyyyy before Brunei. Know facts first, noobs
  • nanafadillahhmm..we never bother when some rules allows gays to get married or even lesbians n so why bother our rules ? n of course logically the gay thingy spoils the normal human nature. im sure in a family, parent would b very sad to have a child in such a way. 0_o
  • nzy195@sassyface87 no such thing as allowed incest in Islam. In fact our Quran prohibits it and tells us to marry from those who are not related. Get your facts straight.
  • firdausazizi@brian_atwood you talk like u own the world... this make you looks like garbage
  • nzy195Mana jua ia melayan. nampak berdosa. Sebelum ani nda ku pernah mendangar nama kedia, lapas ia mengucap Brunei, famous tah pulang. Sanang saja, Boycott @brian_atwood and his products.
  • dyana_hjyou sooo called fashion world! as if like you KNOOOOWWW everything!
  • humberside_designer_london@brian_atwood hi.. Can i just say you are stupid for spreading the wrong fact.. No one is getting stoned to death by being gay in Brunei.. Can you dig up your reading before spreading things.. Get your bloody fact right first!!
  • lily855Typical homo... Such a drama queen! Wait!! Brian who???
  • ariffdamit@maplegoh I believe your homosexual friends aren't coming from Brunei, so why worry? I've been to Brunei and you cannot simply find gays or homosexuals activities in Brunei they do exist but very few and they DO NOT get stoned to death for being gay, read up the code yourself... Never bring up something you are unsure about. I do not recommend you to read from the internet simply because the media distorts and outright lies to deceive and manipulate the opinions of its viewers and readers. Take your time to read and you may come back as you please.
  • rinar3dLOL who is this fucktard? Cheap publicity stunt.
  • fnn_wThis Brian Atwood doesnt deserve any respect at all. Moschino is better than Brian Atwood WHICH I NEVER HEARD OF UNTIL HE CHEAPLY SEEKING FOR ATTENTION
  • fnn_wMacam tah brunei ani d US, UK, Paris. Buduh kali nda tau tempat. Sian
  • kingzahiraAlum Sultan kami kan miskin ganya org gay inda datang! #SorryNotSorry you're just a TEST Allah has sent us fellow Bruneians 🙏 wait.... Brian Atwood who? 🙊
  • noonshzstupid homo trying to seek for attention
  • nrahmanGet ur facts right! Sharia DOES NOT stone gay people! Besides, you're not Karl Lagerfeld. Get over yourself. You're probably not worthy of the Dorchester Collection anyways! #BrianWho?
  • kinah_13LOL WHATEVER. Do you even know that Brunei doesnt exactly own it
  • kinah_13But rather an investor of your own businesses. You're boycotting your own economy. People like you don't bother to understand much, i can only laugh
  • kinah_13And in fact a number of other Arab countries who hav been practising the Sharia Law are also investors of the hotels...so booyah!!!
  • juliasanchez@brian_atwood, if you want to commit a crime in Brunei this is not the right place for you to visit.
  • joesgifsGays vs Gays in big fight, No winners here but at least the one pair do recognize what actual marriage is - man and woman
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