Such a beautiful day! #happyeaster
  • nickcannonSuch a beautiful day! #happyeaster

  • xonickeyoxWahoo! Looks like fun!!
  • twarhol_2014Broke ppl always have an issue with rich folks bc they can't afford to provide for their kids/family. FOH!!! Stay in ya lane... if you had the time, money, & luxury. You wudve done the same thing. Let these ppl live their lives and stop hating. Jealous is a crime!!!
  • dessynextdoorThats Christmas not Easter wat happen to eggs and candy
  • tana928They are allowed to do what they want. Don't hate because they have money and things. They work hard for what they have.
  • truevibra@love_gymnastics23 that's what's wrong with America.....
  • her_yeahthatoneMan stfu y'all crying about what these ppl worked hard for there money and so there kids can have what they want wtf do America have to do with them they give back
  • rawritsrayray@vibratrue so he should get a Walmart Easter basket like everyone else??
  • truevibra@rawritsrayray not exactly Walmart...but an Easter basket & one or two "gifts" is enough. Especially when they're that I said...just cuz you can don't mean you should. Gotta teach your kids the value of money not just "you can have anything you want just cuz...." That can breed spoiled selfish ass brats. Plus that's not what "Easter" is a about anyway. Just say'n...
  • truevibraBut I'm old don't mind me.
  • 1_karma_3@nickcannon God bless your kids.
  • teaganlyndy@chef_royardee
  • m4rquise@vibratrue I get what u saying but u gotta realize nick aint come from money so he tryna give his kids what he never had. Nick believe in GOD so im sure #dembabies do too
  • smith_888Mariah and nick have both been working their butts off since they were young if they wanted to give their kids the world you know they would there is nothing wrong with spoiling your kid if you can, yes there's something wrong with spoiling then rotten but not every spoiled kid is rotten! My daughter is spoiled by all 8 of her grandparents and let me tell you my husband and I get compliments on how well behaved and well mannered she is!
  • truevibra@twinkiiyy-yeah I hear you and I'd probably be tempted to spoil the heck outta my babies too...but NOT coming from money should be the reason you tone it down so your kids understand & respect the value of's never to early to learn that lesson.
  • holykickzThey worth half a billion dollars a couple balloons n stack worth of toys not phasing them. Keep grindin for ur kids 🙌
  • carolinegraceoh@annaliesehearns that's not even my Christmas 😂 lucky kids
  • thathopelessromanticc@chelsealynnh acting like its Christmas on Easter
  • graciegrace_00When did Easter turn into Christmas?
  • betty.medina.03Awww some day I will do this for my princesas.
  • right 😂💯👌
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