Buckle up, because it's time for Game 2! Puck drop is moments away. #NHLBruins
  • nhlbruinsBuckle up, because it's time for Game 2! Puck drop is moments away. #NHLBruins

  • zayn_aruri@nhlbruins your team stinks #letsgodetroit
  • secretary_scheffler@kristian__coletta SOCCERS not a sport
  • coletta_6@max_scheffler its is so shutup u fucking chowd ur so ugly btw its more popular then hockey
  • secretary_schefflerSince I am a precessional retard translator I will do it now. "It's is, so shut up your fucking chode. Your so ugly by the way it's more popular(in Europe) than hockey(becuz Europeans are a bunch of faggets) @kristian__coletta almost hurt myself translating that
  • secretary_schefflerProfessional*
  • coletta_6@max_scheffler no around the world and stfu Europeans are amazing not like your moms pussy u fag and ur not a precessional translator ur more a professional dick with a hole in it so shut up soccer is the most popular and shut up ur just a fucking jerk of who hates
  • secretary_schefflerThat was actually just spellcheck^ time to translate" it is a sport for crying birches Mr.LongDongSilvers you are so sexy btw even when I'm gay cuz i judge guys i think your sexy. The sports for prissy Europeans like me becuz I am a guy with a girls name @kristian__coletta
  • coletta_6@max_scheffler i dont have a girls name and i still get more girls then ur gay ass and who gets paid more soccer or hockey tell me u fuckin bitch
  • secretary_schefflerOk another translation "I know your right its for prissy Europeans and you are a god sir. You are the best retard translator I've ever seen. No one has been able to translate my native tongue before. So calm down soccer is for bitches who cry everytime they get hit in contact sports and be quiet please sir your a pimp who plays actually sports. @kristian__coletta
  • coletta_6@max_scheffler stfu u fat bitch ur a bitch with no life i cut ur native tongue of and shit on it and make u eat it so shut up soccer is sick u fat fuck
  • secretary_schefflerSO MUCH TO TRANSLATE MY GOD ok here we go" I don't have a girls name KRISTINA'S A GIRLS NAME DO YOU WANT ME TO CRY ABOUT IT? I get more girls than you do because I have a dick and tits as I am a trans-sexual + I'd rather play hockey because it pays more and gets more girls @kristian__coletta
  • coletta_6@max_scheffler ur mental soccer gets more girls i dont spell my name like that iam not trans u are and soccer pays more u goof so stfu ur a gay fag
  • secretary_schefflerSo much lmao" your smarter than me SOCCERS not a sport and gets way more guys then hockey. I am a transy and admitted it. Soccer makes a good 1 mil$ a year to distribute to its almost 5 thousand players while hockey players make 1mil+ a year on avg. sir @kristian__coletta
  • secretary_scheffler@avery_rodgers121
  • avery.r0I literally laughed out loud when he said soccer players get not girls then hockey ppl @max_scheffler @kristian__coletta
  • coletta_6soccer makes around 20 mil for an average player ik because i looked it up it gets mote girls then hockey so shut up ur the gayest fag ever and ur mom has cum in her mouth now u fucking bitch @max_scheffler
  • secretary_schefflerI get off Instagram for a while and come back to this sped ok " soccer makes around 2 dollars for the best players, sir I think I am the shit because I looked it up but I know deep down inside I'm just a soccer playing homo. It gets WAY MORE GUYS then hockey so suck it, sir and my dad has another guys cum in his mouth because they're pounding each other on the couch next to me,sir"
  • secretary_scheffler@kristian__coletta /Kristina
  • coletta_6@max_scheffler why are u still talking to me idgaf about ur ugly bitch ass so shut the fuck up i dont care what u say about ur stupid bullshit
  • martinmelin00Nice I like Boston Bruins and td garden
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