• daniellee_cunningham😚💨👌

  • crustylilyWow if its not affecting you personally what others do or say WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CARE SO MUCH. Its just weed for christ sake CHILL THE FUCK OUT. NoNE OF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE HER ...shes a human being who has feelings...you guys are all fucking assholes...feel real good about urself all you weed haters START HATING LIFE NOW ITLL B LLEGAL EVERYWHERE SOON ENOUGH:)
  • crustylilyOhh yea and too all the people on here saying "im a mother and ive never touched weed!! GOOD FOR YOU , want a fucking cookie?!!" did she ask you? Wtf u do or dont with you're life? It just disgusting how people can sit and judge and be so damn hateful!!
  • blond3ambition_@daniellee_cunningham I believe some ppl talk just to hear themselves!! Continue doing you and raising them babies!
  • missemilyjustine910I have no problem with smoking weed but posting it on the internet when your in the public eye and a mother is a extremely classes immature move grow up ! @daniellee_cunningham
  • darceymarieandmeLooks like a cigar to me!
  • justinelquachDisgusting. It's illegal for a reason. Any sort of drug or alcohol impairs you to some degree. Doesn't matter if they weren't around, it's still sickening. If you ever get drug tested for any reason (job, being pulled over, arrested, etc) you will lose your kids in a heart beat. And posting it (which is obviously only for attention) is the most immature thing ever. Grow up.
  • zakylatyme_Trashyyyy as fuck.
  • zakylatyme_@kirsten_530 you're a retard.
  • kirsten_530Thanks scummy. @zakylatyme
  • _sarahh2016_You go girl! There is nothing wrong with smoking weed if you're a parent! I do and I can bet I'm the best mom out there! @daniellee_cunningham
  • desneyworlddIt's obvious that your young
  • syczorsIt's one thing to smoke weed every now and then. It's another thing to seek attention for it. This is the kinda dumb shit that gives weed a bad name. I don't smoke but I have friends that do and at least they have some class about it. Just sayin.
  • ayenicolee_Only illegal if you don't have a doc recommendation! And do you know if she has one. ? If not then y'all need to simmer the fuck down, act like y'all ain't never seen a blunt before ! Go back to living under your judgemental rocks ! 👆👆👆
  • jojobannanababyYou go girl♡ fuck those judgemental bastards @daniellee_cunningham your a great mom I'm a mom that smokes isn't a thing wrong with it.
  • a.littlehazeyI'm a parent who smokes weed daily, but never around my child. She's still happy, healthy, and loved. My child has everything she could want, or need. So, you judgemental, uptight twats need to relax a bit. Smoking weed doesn't make you a bad parent. It's if the weed you're smoking becomes more important than your responsibilities that you are a bad parent.
  • tarakaplan1233Alcohol is legal and it fucks you up way more than weed will ever do actually weed is better and safer!i only hear DUI and drunk people killing others never nothing about weed l!i smoke everyday not around my boys and I'm a great mother and it relaxes me it's no different someone taking prescribed pills there way worse!!!so shut up haters and get a life!!!!!!!!! @daniellee_cunningham @ellheffeyx
  • beccajaylovesyouWeed is amazing. Its completely cured my anxiety and insomnia and I'm still an amazing mom.
  • lovemarixoMarijuana is becoming legal in more states now, I am a mother and I smoke weed everyday, because I have extreme back pain and really bad anxiety, it helps tremendously. If you are going to sit there and be a judgemental little bitch then I can just imagine what your kids are going to turn out to be.
  • kyliesmom121310Who the fk cares what she does? Do.u know her? Is it bothering ur life in any way? You dont like it UNFOLLOW her #byebyebitches
  • kyliesmom121310Who the fk cares what she does? Do.u know her? Is it bothering ur life in any way? You dont like it UNFOLLOW her #byebyebitches
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