Hair is going pink and ends are going yellow. This ain't no peach 🍑🍋🍉 #bleachlondon #vscocam
  • mairjadeHair is going pink and ends are going yellow. This ain't no peach 🍑🍋🍉 #bleachlondon #vscocam

  • charlotteamyxoYour a peach 😘❤️ @mairjade
  • mairjade@charlotteamyxo do you ever use bleach London? Is it supposed to be this uneven 😩😩😩
  • charlotteamyxoI use the silver shampoo that's it they wash out to easy! You might have to use directions that would last longer xx @mairjade
  • mairjade@charlotteamyxo I might just go green or something 🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏 xx
  • rosiepoole@mairjade quite a lot of dyes fade unevenly as dye clings to the more damaged bits unfortunately! I do mine with Directions and I still get that 😒 I dyed my hair pastel greeny-blue once though and it was an absolute nightmare to get out, I thought my hair was stained for good and purple toners didn't get rid of it for ages! I was on the verge of bleaching it again 😭🍏🙅
  • lrnjdnBlue/green stains bleached hair massively! I still have faint blue hair after 2 bleahed and several shampoo soaks 😪
  • mairjade@rosiepoole @laurenjordan_ ah jeeeeeze good job you mentioned it!! Definitely steering away for the blues and greens then. Yeah its gone like baby pink in some parts underneath I thought the colour would cling more to my ends cos they dry but that's where it's hardly coloured! Not that impressed with BL really 🙊 their bleach ruined my hair xxx
  • mairjade@williamssstacey 💜💜💜💜
  • rosiepooleI mixed apricot and cerise Directions with loads of white conditioner for a good 🍑 colour! the tubs last for so long as well seeing as they're diluted xxx
  • mairjade@rosiepoole ooooh I will definitely give Directions ago then before I'm due my next root touch up. I'm loving your hair colour at the moment! I want a whole head of blonde though first before I attempt violet xx
  • rosiepoole@mairjade aw thanks chick it's violet Directions (top promo girl) mixed with conditioner! yeah it's definitely easier to work with a proper all-over blonde.
  • lrnjdnHehe I'm going baby pink 💝
  • anisacadd@georgiee_s
  • mairjade@ohhealthydays 😊
  • throughthesprawlDid you know you're Buzzfeed famous?
  • mairjade@throughthesprawl I wouldn't say famous 😊 but yes someone showed me last week or I wouldn't have known! I was v. Flattered
  • rodoulla_gyour eyebrows are perfect omg
  • mairjade@rodoulla_g aww thanks! They take fucking ages
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