• inked_fit_mommaIs this better hubs? The reason I don't wear heels! #mcm #tallgirlproblems #lovethebeardedman

  • 48cbearJust to let you know, this is now a buzzfeed picture! I had to check and see if this was taken at the Carolina Rebellion because I was there and recognized the stage! Pretty funny haha
  • inked_fit_mommaLol thanks @48cbear I have several others on my page of that weekend! Can't wait for next Rebellion!
  • inked_fit_mommaI busted out laughing when I saw the buzzfeed!!!! So funny!! OMG!!! Thanks @48cbear for letting me know!!!
  • beautybyewa2Hey I just saw both yours and mine pic used on buzzfeed under " things tall girls are tired of" I was under the impression they need permission to use someone's pictures?
  • inked_fit_mommaNot unless you have privacy set. It's public. I didn't mind though. @beautybyewa2
  • marcjean93How tall are you?
  • inked_fit_mommaI'm not a giant! Lol my husband was being silly we are almost the same height. He was bending down a little and I tiptoed. Just 5'10ish, 6'3' with heels.
  • 48cbearHahaha you're very welcome @thatpsychchick! My friend posted the buzz feed on my wall this morning because she's 6'1" and I'm the 5'4" best friend lol but I thought it was so awesome when I recognized right where you guys took that picture lol! Can't wait for next year's Rebellion!
  • inked_fit_mommaHahaaa most of my best friends are in the 5'2"-5'6" range. I've gotten really good at the lean, and bend one leg pose. Lol. Thanks @48cbear!
  • bordercollieflowerSaw this on buzzfeed and I thought it looked like #carolinarebellion. That was one hell of a weekend!!
  • inked_fit_momma@bordercollieflower hell yeah it was!! Can't wait for next year!
  • braincoralFortRock was awesome!
  • inked_fit_mommaNever been!!!
  • farahsoukainasaw it in buzzfeed nd loved it !! U re amaziiiing !
  • inked_fit_momma@farahsoukaina 🤘🏼👍🏼
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