My amazing #MothersDay gifts homemade by all my babes! #BlessedMama
  • torispellingMy amazing #MothersDay gifts homemade by all my babes! #BlessedMama

  • rannienlovesgreenI need to know how amazing and beautiful I think you are inside and out! I've been following your journey and your SUCH a strong woman! I'm soooo happy your doing reiki to help you through your tough times! (I'm a massage therapist and am a true believer in spiritual healing ❤️😘) may I suggest more massages?! You totally deserve them mama! And no matter where you and Dean end up, it's YOUR decision and YOURS only and NOTHING can break you!! Keep your head up buttercup. Your so freaking beautiful. I hope you read this! I mean every word. Your such a great influence to me. Your the reason I won't ever let anyone bully me, EVER again!! ❤️🌹❤️🌹🌹 @torianddean
  • stacybasYou are an amazing mom Tori. 💜
  • larmac03Tori ur a awesome mom...but don't stay w dean for the kids sake! Personally if I were u I'd tell him to bite dust! U can do way better!
  • monica4050Tori you a beautiful and loving person. Things are dark right now but this is light at the end of the tunnel. Continue to be strong like you truly are and continue to give your kids love and affection. God Bless.
  • lscottwoodsU are blessed! Stay positive and keep moving forward!
  • marinamarshal12Just want u to know your an amazing mother person and wife and so beautiful remember that and don't let anyone ever make you feel different!
  • leb_westStay strong and positive Tori !! U deserve a happy ending. God Bless love you xx
  • leo_thelil_lion_chiSo sweet! These are precious gifts! You should be so proud of them.... Know U r! Your life is complete & full now that u r a mother. Children are the best gift life has to offer! U will always be loved & cherished by them. U will be ok. My heart breaks for u but u will come out if this stronger & more confident! Xo
  • sseevveerriinneeLove YOU Tory ♡♡♡♡
  • mrs__dearTori just sending you some love. You have always really inspired me as a wife & mother and I feel so heartbroken for you. I pray that you end up wherever the best place for you and your children is🙏❤️😘
  • guzmanlpriscilaCute cute cute
  • avivadrescherBest job in the world @torianddean #mommiesof4
  • lkurky@torianddean thank you for opening your life to all of us. I never knew much about you but since watching your show, I feel for you so much. You're doing an amazing job. Just keep your head up and keep being the amazing mother you have been to your kids. This too shall pass.
  • jeanna_mcmillan@torianddean you're an amazing mother from what I've seen on True Tori! I'm praying for you and you're family
  • arrowandbarkLoooove this!! Nothing better than gifts made by your sweet babes!! xx
  • mrs.c.alvarez@torianddean moms sure are like buttons Stella has it right..u def held everything together for ur kids when things got tough..bless it family I hope everything works out for the best :) best gift are those made with love that come from the heart!
  • butterflyykissezOmg, they're beautiful!
  • laurenlovesluccaThis. Is. Beautiful. Can't wait for gifts like that from my son
  • shelleytwilleySo sweet, I love handmade things from my babies @torispelling
  • homebysheri❤️
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