Going out on a limb, do we need two gluten free mags?? Wtf?
  • chefazGoing out on a limb, do we need two gluten free mags?? Wtf?

  • thealexko@chefaz #condenast isn't the only publisher that wants to corner the market.
  • seamanbGluten makes my bread look like bread, I love gluten
  • genaveev7Seriously. Of course we do. Gluten free sucks. I need all of the ideas I can get.
  • culinarysiren@chefaz Do we need 5+ cooking magazines? What's with the ignorant statements about gluten free food lately? It's not a fad diet - some people do have an intolerance and celiac disease. Thanks for taking the picture though, because I didn't know there were two magazines out there and now I can subscribe to the other one.
  • pammazzolaActually why do you care?
  • joshuatpierceLol #socialjustice4celiacs
  • johnsontwinkie23There are actually three of them ;-) For some its a fad, for me its a lifelong allergy. Trust me. I would rather eat normal food, but it is what it is! I live vicariously through people with no food allergies :-)
  • nbeenersGluten is a protein found in wheat and a few other grains. It can act like an inflammatory in the digestive tract causing anything from bloating and uncomfortability to severe digestive tract reactions.
  • amykanekoHere's a brand you want to work for:"Living Without"
  • venuscorpWhat. The other one is the "Simple" version.
  • kbear71Yes! It's a need, not a want. An Allergy, a Disability even! A huge problem as our foundational foods become all morphed into Allergen Prone Fast Foods that have 0 nutritional value and are full of steroids and pesticides. We need to eat to live not live to eat...
  • chefytSorry but most people who claim celiac, aren't actually celiac at all. They assume they are because they SEEM to remember having SOME SORT of reaction to SOMETHING that they ate that MAY at SOME POINT had GLUTEN which made them a celiac. While it is a real disease, most people here the word GLUTEN and ALLERGY, and automatically say I AM CELIAC!! No you aren't you're bandwagon! #nobasics #cutthebs #notceliac
  • mikeg14882Well said chefyt! I don't even remember those 2 words 10 years ago!
  • kaitertatortotPeople you claim they can't or won't eat gluten actually have no clue what it even is! Yes there are a small few that really have celiac disease. The people that are not are missing out on important vitamins found in gluten. I think research should be done before anyone jumps on any FOOD FAD! Gluten probably won't be the cool food not to eat next year. Anti protein was actually a craze years ago and look where we are now! Everyone wants it
  • burghbitescartHey what do u say we bring back the Atkins diet for a little, sure we could squeeze a few more bucks out of it???
  • jdmclellandEveryone here advocating the gluten free diet that doesn't actually have diagnosed celiac needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Get your nose out of "Wheat Belly" & "Grain Brain", two books that contradict all fact and quote no actual, applicable, real science...and educate yourself instead of listening to the hype! FACT ONE: there is NO such thing as an allergy to gluten FACT TWO: if you are determining whether you are "gluten sensitive or intolerant by stopping to eat bread, pasta & pizza and you feel better...you are COMPLETELY missing the boat!!! Of course you feel better when you replace industrial refined white flour that is basically sugar and carbs and you replace it with more nutrient dense foods!!!! NOBODY eats gluten!!! People eat pizza, pasta & bread, most all of which are industrial refined white products with 15-20 added ingredients!!! Instead of going GF, use actual science and fact and go WHOLE GRAIN! Guess what...you'll feel better, and you'll also be healthy and not deficient in several vitamins and proteins! THIS IS A PROVEN FACT.
  • braddweber@molangley
  • molangley@braddweber makes me feel so special when ur thinking of me in whole foods! Hope all is well up that way!!!
  • bmcc97Yes if you eat Gluten free. There are 27 magazines on how to bake a cake! Who cares
  • chic.hippy.witchI need two!!! Having Coeliac's means I need as many ideas/recipes as possible. 😉 Plus, I like the pretty pictures of yummy things I can actually eat. ✌️
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