Lol best Mother's Day card ever #mothersday #exwife #exhusband
  • meaghan.rheaLol best Mother's Day card ever #mothersday #exwife #exhusband

  • meaghan.rhea@rockscardesigns obviously there are deep and personal reasons as to why we can no longer be a couple. Also we find we function better this way and are more emotionally healthy now, which is good for our child.
  • elotita22Love it @aylatree
  • califloraniajenSaw this on Yahoo news too. Thanks for posting! Good to see you're able to be comical and cordial. Best of luck to each of you and your child too.
  • momma_sterzVery Awesome ...nice to see that you & James put your Son first ..that's the way to co-parent despite your difference's ..
  • mazinger03:)
  • lattegirl710@galwaygrrl..Beautiful for an ex to be like that with you glad you had a happy mothers day your boy is lucky..
  • inhalationtherapytechnicianyegGeez @galwaygrrl congrats on the #instafame. When Hollywood calls, remember us little folk. Haha. Good to see there's couples who want to really try for their kids.
  • babymamathorne@galwaygrrl I realize there are personal reasons to not be together....I think I got caught up in the moment of the humor in the card
  • meaghan.rheaLol totally understandable @rockscardesigns
  • charlottegraceleigh#huffingtonpost sent me, kudos for endeavouring to be great co-parents
  • listeriaprimeThose vows must of meant a lot.
  • meaghan.rhea^ must *have
  • jennydelrose^ 😝
  • meaghan.rhea^❤️
  • abby_in_tx@galawaygrrl-Saw it on yahoo too and thanks for being an AWESOME example to ur kids ma'am. Ma'am us kids see and watch everything grown ups do so it's really cool u and the mr are helping to lead by example in this situation. Howdy from Texas 💖💃
  • charliefromatlantaBeautiful note. I know this is an ideal snapshot and things haven't always be this perfect. Moments like this have to be captured on camera and remembered because relationships don't stand still. But I hope that you both remember that teamwork can be achieved, and a loving relationship can be maintained (even if it's sometimes complicated.)
  • aviesolomonThis got sent to me from a friend because my wife and I are divorcing and I just gave her a great mothers day card too. Just because she and I couldn't resolve our differences, doesn't mean she isn't deserving for the great job she's done as a mother to our three kids.
  • hkcarpSo perfect! Good on you guys for not making it nasty. There is no need, and your son is very lucky to have parents that think of him first. :)
  • amandajhbrSaw this on Huff Post, wishing all former spouses could act this way, including me & mine!
  • chezfoiSaw this on Huff Post as well; congrats to you both on setting a fine example for your child as well as other parents going through a split. Well done!
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