Thanks for inspiring me to #ReachHigher mom! Wishing you and all the wonderful moms out there a #HappyMothersDay. -mo
  • michelleobama44Thanks for inspiring me to #ReachHigher mom! Wishing you and all the wonderful moms out there a #HappyMothersDay. -mo

  • 082016_ilytkbSo beautiful @michelleobama
  • mrsmac48Beautiful picture of you and your mother. Love the First Family.
  • konaissa100Elles sont belles toutes les deux
  • adilsoncardodoLinda's
  • ibraheem1637Look at Granny that's how we Roll!! Love this Picture I can't wait when her mom right a book like in the White House!! Get my a copy!!
  • blvk13Y'all both ugly
  • dr.saghar__💋💋💋💋💖💖💖💖💖💖💎👌👌👌👌
  • kate.mclellanYou're so stupid shut your mouth they are both beautiful if you don't have anything nice too say don't say anything @blvk13
  • lucaswainson@sforzac2002 when you fart infront of bae again and they still pretend not to notice
  • aritreschic@tari_bob here
  • tonyaihallBeauty is always skin deep you both are beautiful inside and out💕💕💕💕
  • candra_star7Amen!
  • diane477smith31hi ms firstlady very nice pic of u and mom duke.....nice smiles have a wonderful GOD BLESS day....
  • beaute85I bet she didn't see how high you would reach . I know she's proud!!!! May God bless you all!!!
  • claireceeceeAlways appreciate your mom :)
  • joeytomphsonYou are one class act love you
  • makennatodd18Tell her that I'm disappointed that she gave birth to a piece of shit who only cares about vegetables and stealing out twinkies. It really disgusts me and thanks for making my childhood awful with you and your husband in office
  • cydneywolfgram@makennatodd18 PREACH
  • strawberry_kiki_First lady I must say you are the real deal . and touched so many lives. Keep it up and dust ya shoulders off because these haters are ginna do just that HATE confirmation that u do what u do well.
  • tessiarreisLindas
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