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  • ufcWhat do you think? Does @iamtheimmortal deserve a title shot?

  • edgarbenitezbjj@ufc
  • mikevas9Lol Dana white. He's a cool dude sometimes
  • thegreatestjs9Yes
  • frenchnevadaBeing on 7 fight win streak. Coming back from a 9 month lay off and winning. Showing great improvement on submission defense. I don't know what more Dana needs to see? I think the ufc needs to consider doing tournaments in the stacked divisions in order to determine the 1 contender! Give matt brown a title shot! What can it hurt?
  • therealjuicedudeGive him the shot!
  • bboystanc3@jcmercier LOLLLLL division is hot right now 😄 but the real question is...where is GSP! LOL
  • jcmercier@bboystanc3 LOL
  • anivenk91Yes Brown deserves a title fight!!!!!!!!
  • super_kemet23Tyrone beat Carlos Condit fair and square if you get hurt after a take down its a win
  • honeytwerpIs that why you keep talking to me? Cause you look like you take it in the ass and im not going to do that for you cause im not a homo. @shabz_565
  • samgundelfinger24Yes he can beat him
  • djpolystreetBest streak in 170 lbs he'll yeah he deserves a shot.
  • jox_jemsWhat happened to Chris Lytle? (X2)
  • jox_jemsI'd rather see him fight Thiago Pit bull Alves.
  • djjohndouglasMatt Brown gets murked by any top 5 WW.
  • vegvi5irHe beats a guy who has alternated wins and losses his entire UFC career and people say he deserves a title shot??? Try beating a top 5 guy before that's even raised
  • jarna_fuatavaiAgreed ↑ definately needs a top 5 fighter before hes gets that title shot
  • jake_t_h_Let him fight winner of Lawler and Elenburger first, if he wins that Johnny's next.
  • wsmith53Let him face Lombard on a fox main event title eliminator
  • jocilanemeirellesLegal
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