Lmfao don't judge me. On the beach eating this proudly. 😂
  • j_evans1219Lmfao don't judge me. On the beach eating this proudly. 😂

  • bloomysgirl68@captn_stock how dare you call the navy a joke. They go out to sea to protect our country from other countries. I am proud of every person that is in the military it don't matter what branch.
  • janie_nicholeYou shoukdnt wear bikinis during pregnancy. You need to protect the baby from the sun.
  • brooklynn_kaeThe sun is one of the best ways to get vitamin d and that is good for you and baby. I used to sun bathe all the time when I was pregnant I loved it. And how do you know she's not wearing sun screen? You don't so before judging people read up on some information. The baby is protected in her belly. But I'm sure you see celebrities YOU like you don't judge them on what they wear or do. So how about any of you that's hating on her go and love off your favorite celeb and leave her alone we are all human and so is she. She will do what she wants just like every other person she will eat what she wants like I'm sure all of you do.
  • saraaliceecker@janie_nichole seriously? Lmao!!! You have no idea what you are talking about. Rep that bikini with your Preggo belly while your pregnant! @j_evans8209
  • whitney__bailey@miszdelicacy yea tanning in a bed is not good but being in the sun is ok...i just that while at the beach...prego ppp cant stay inside n not c the sun...smdh
  • juliannaalexissEveryone has to find a way to hate on her, I don't understand why it matters if she's in the sun. It's healthy & not harmful to a baby. I may not know alot about babies and pregnancy but I know that. It's stupid that y'all waste your time hating on her & posting negative comments. Let her live her life & who cares if she's eating meat? She can eat whatever she wants and it still won't effect you. ✊
  • c0lleengilliDoes a pregnancy belly button ring hurt? @j_evans8209
  • shescreamkev95This just made me hungry. Lol.
  • brandipyt😂😂 this is so me! Lmao!
  • cazmumma4Yum! When I was preg with my first baby I craved those burger almost daily! So I ate em :D
  • theinfamoushelen@charlotte_35
  • lenalasleyis that the belly ring you use for when your pregant? @j_evans8209
  • lillee_2k16_Yes @lena.lasley
  • marissadavis29No trying to be mean but did you know mcdonalds burgers are only 15% beef and the rest is chemically made
  • gracia43@rickytrogdon
  • madison.11415@lasleylena_ it says baby on board
  • patsyy__Trust me people judge you all the time it's okay 😊 @mariahlewis4576
  • knicolesx^^ @princess.taylorr 😂
  • erlynn9@tgudzinas
  • amyrebekahcarter@emguillee
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