Cover for the Wrestlemania XXX DVD Revealed! #wrestlezone
  • wrestlezonecomCover for the Wrestlemania XXX DVD Revealed! #wrestlezone

  • howyoudoin221Pass
  • iam_legend_primeBrock the streak killer Lesnar
  • wdelvecchioNo need if you have the network
  • mindlesscolt5I have the network but I'll still buy the dvd. Some people enjoy having the physical copy.
  • dwikpix^^That's a waste. To each their own I guess.
  • mindlesscolt5How is it a waste? I do the same thing when a movie is on Netflix. I'll still buy the movie. Plus the network still sucks and you can't watch a full ppv with out it hiccuping
  • j_dasilvaaaI find it stupid the people who sold there amazing WWF/WWE DVD collections like if the network ends I still have all my out of prints and such
  • wdelvecchioThe network runs great on ps4, I don't have any issues.
  • iamdjjayr@mindlesscolt @dwikpix you also get extras thats won't be on the netwrok that are on the dvd
  • 13_oneofakind13Awesome
  • dgrosserSad day you all having issues.. my only gripe is not having ALL THE RAW and old superstars shows. Hopefully they fill in the gap
  • shizz_justiceOne of the worst Wrestlemania
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