To all the haters that thought it wouldn't last...I LOVE Mrs Carter! @laurenkitt #ilovemywife #ilovebeinghusband
  • nickcarterTo all the haters that thought it wouldn't last...I LOVE Mrs Carter! @laurenkitt #ilovemywife #ilovebeinghusband

  • dhaniela4@nickcarter The first time I saw together I was shattered, I knew she would be the ultimate. Today I still hurts!..., but, you're happy!, ... so I am too. We should do the same ..., see you're happiness!!. YOURHAPPINESS IS OUR HAPPINESS!!. Be happy!!. I love you...
  • enekuri84Happy day Nick & Lauren!
  • camipolandI m happy that you are happy Nick I think I finally grew up to realize that my Nick found love of his life ♥be happy
  • thejamesyoung93Respect bro.
  • hazeleyecutiBird is the word
  • emptinessoverload__GOALLSSSS
  • syam_sallehI hope you will have children
  • primaveraportenaOh God I'm late, but yes, FUCK ALL THE HATERS. As the true BSB- and yours, Nick, -fan I wish you all luck and happiness. It is an amazing thing you have someone on your side to love and be loved by. Good luck! 💙💪
  • juliesexcatgirlthats right !
  • dollicious23Gotta love him still. Bsb rock @catinthewindow_ @amoonie29
  • lorentrindadefI'm so happy you're married.. I've always been your fan, you're my favourite of the bsb.. I've seen house of carters and I heart nick Carter and literally fell in love with you two!!! I live that she's not from the industry and all the good she has done to you.. I'm just like you nick, with family problems and insecure and kids Peter Pan thing... But my hubby was just like her in your life... For that I'll be eternally grateful! I kinda fell more intimate to you guys now.. After the series and stuff.. I've just discovered and seen it.. My name is also Lauren, except it's a Portuguese version of it, with, which is written as Loren.. And.. I just wanted you to know that the bsb are the reason I'm an English teacher here in Brazil.. 'Cause I've always wanted to talk to you.. This was the dream of my life.. But It'll never come true and I know!! Just love you... Both of you!!!
  • papadhakimariaBeautiful Forever 😘😘😘
  • sofiia_munoozHuy Perris, vallase a la Verg* para eso me gustaba pura merma con ustedes, y tu por nomas estar jodiendo a uno lastima me da..." Mrs Carter". Pinche vieja ojete, pinche vieja cara y cuerpo de homosexual (como yo:3)
  • katecasucciyour favorite picture in the whole wide world @mandaellez
  • shirinsam@faridshirvani ino nemdunam mishnasi ya na,ozve gruhe backstreet boyz bud, captione in postesho bebin haha kheili bahal bud bade inke ezdvj kardan post gozashtan ba halghehashun "to all the haters that thought it wouldn last" 😂😂 ma ham age shod ye hamchin harkati bas bezanim khkh
  • faridshirvani@shirinsam are vaghan . Vali ma k hater ndrim hame loveran ! Goooo fekre bad nakon
  • shirinsam@faridshirvani dariiim
  • jkgreekgirl79Great Massage 😂👍🏻👏🏻
  • sandra_martina_84Best ever!! 😂😂👌👌✌👊💪 FUCK them all!!! All love and support 2 you 2 @nickcarter @laurenkittcarter 😘
  • mari.ninetyone@saori_._
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