Saxxx , 3000, and Future #outkast20 #WeDF
  • therealbigboiSaxxx , 3000, and Future #outkast20 #WeDF

  • stephaniehahnnI'm obsessed with outkast and I know all the lyrics to all there songs. And I still play ain't no thang but a chicken wang in my car. They need to come to Dallas Texas so I can see them preform.
  • checkmymikeMan!!!! Dope performance! I been waiting to see the MIGHTY O back on stage again!
  • clarenajean@therealbigboi at work jamming to you and Andre 3000's #Coachella performance. Really making my day better! Wish I could have been there!
  • taispeaks01East Point All Day! #TCHS
  • mctmuaAMAZING PERFORMANCE @ #coachella2014 BEST SHOW OF THE WEEKEND 4 ME :) :) :)
  • puddinbeeYasss!!!
  • ladybug76Bomb performance at Coachella Outkast!!
  • illdirectorSlammin Cadillac doors!
  • soundlotstudiosGreat performance! 👍👍👍
  • fran_shaI, too, witnessed this and was SO grateful to finally be in the presence of legends!! It was a dream hearing all those classics coming directly from you and Dre, regardless of that lame crowd filled with wannabe fans. Please do a non-festival tour for your true fans!!!
  • theblackcarrieb🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
  • ashokraju@thetroubled1 yeah man they def took it back and it was amazing to see 3000 and Big Boi on the same stage. It was emotional for me to be honest. Gonna try to see them again. @star4144 I'm not sure if they are. I really think they need to have an Outkast only concert in ATL. I don't think these festivals will do their 20 yr anniversary justice. I would fly down to ATL if I have to!
  • flyladybuttabugI enjoyed that soooooooo much! Reminded me just how hardcore and diehard of an Outkast fan I am! Hope y'all bring that show to the NYC pleeeaaaassse! Thank you @therealbigboi
  • will_is_trillI'm proud of you Boss Man @therealbigboi
  • ace_l_boogieATL only concert Please
  • drefromthea@class_not_azz
  • _4everbright_@cassius_clay90 REAL.. Photo speaks for itself
  • cassius_clay90@_4everbright_ The Dungeon
  • _4everbright_@cassius_clay90 Family #4ever
  • decllcLook bout rite. I wonna see uh only ATL concert doe hea in da city or at a club in our home pimpin... Need dat dare fasho
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