Having a blast at MTV Movie Awards. :-)
  • karina_smirnoffHaving a blast at MTV Movie Awards. :-)

  • denhalaurenUr gorgeous babe
  • ma.cey😱 have you seen Bethany mota? She is there too 🙈
  • annielynshekYour so pretty can u give me lessons
  • olivia.gainesOMG I am a HUGE fan and I love DWTS!!!!! You are the really pretty and you're my favorite dancer on the show! I was so sad when you and Sean were eliminated😩😢. If you responded to this I would freak!!!!!! I think that would make my life complete! 😋😉😊 @karina_smirnoff
  • loverlylaurelyou look beautiful! love the outfit :)
  • katie.delgadilloHi I am your biggest fan I was sooooo sad you got illuminated I loved you with Corbin blue I was so sad you guys didn't win I wish you will still on I hope you are on next season!!!
  • mr_warp_speedlove the thumbs up picture :)
  • motivation_1517Love this
  • raydin_smithens_You r absolutely gorgeous
  • pouncer84Wouldn't wear that top again unless you want it to be all about the boobs 😊😋😚
  • serenaantoinetteYou look amazing
  • jamielynnn27Hey there's us @jessdontstres!!! Jean jacket
  • angelica2816Yay that's me :) 😊
  • dfontanatravelHey you!! Miss your face- I'll have to pop my head in the studio and say hello:-) cheers!
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