Alexander Khokhlachev puts a shot on Martin Brodeur in his NHL debut in New Jersey. #NHLBruins
  • nhlbruinsAlexander Khokhlachev puts a shot on Martin Brodeur in his NHL debut in New Jersey. #NHLBruins

  • bdoble97I have been waiting for this kid to play in a Bruins game for ever. Could be called as a Black Ace for the playoffs
  • _re2pect_derek_U guys stink.. WE HAD 3-2 win!!!
  • jack_prestonnYet when were the devils in the playoffs last? @miami_james_6 brodeur deserved the win against a bunch of Ahl players to end his career. You in fact stink go back to watching the heat you mooley
  • likethesandlotkidso dumbbbb#
  • danaemandel9I'm a bruins fan!! But I have to say broduer is a hell of a goalie. And he's best goalie in nhl history and in the NHL right now. Just saying.
  • zigzagstoryThat dude is tough
  • pcole6488Broduer should be in the conversation for best goalie in NHL history, as a bruins fan i can say he deserved the win yesterday but he is not the best goalie in the NHL this year by a long shot. Props to him for a stelar hall of fame career but the bruins will make a great cup run this year #NHL
  • tphippard@_cowgirl15_ in NHL history is kinda an over statement. look at old time hockey goalies that never wore helmets and had very little padding. You will gain a whole different respect for NHL history. Marty may be the best in the modern era
  • mikeoates44@tphippard he is the best ever period
  • michael_macc19Coco!!!
  • davidkacaI went to this game to see Marty play his possibly last game. I won't go saying that the Bruins suck since they're in the playoffs, #1 in the League and they had an AHL roster. But it was a good game
  • tendy_edits11@tphippard I agree in some respect. I personally think it Roy or Beezer. But all all time I don't know.
  • slash_gambinoWhat a match. Shot callers
  • noah_bourqueNice
  • elias_boubezariNice
  • oliviaaalexander🙌
  • kaylamasingGo Habs
  • zacharyrobidouxLet's go Bruins
  • shafi_imanFollow if u love selfie
  • nickbyron41@iman_stagram Just stfu
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