Lol wtf is Admiral Nelson? lmfao smfh #knockoff
  • curt_magurt_Lol wtf is Admiral Nelson? lmfao smfh #knockoff

  • dr.hamboneI know what the Captain does. I would hate to feel the wrath of the Admiral the next day
  • lauralee1723Admiral Nelson (or AdNel as my friends and I affectionately call it) is actually better than Captain Morgan.
  • scottpilgrimageAdmiral Nelson, Captain Morgan, and Sailor Jerry are all the same, they just have a different alcohol content.
  • russ_herschlerThey had that Admiral Nelson's at the corner store. It''s not good.
  • russ_herschlerFirst clue: That bottle is PLASTIC!
  • juancamilo1992Lmaoooo!
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