phones die in the desert. don't forget a watch! #coachella
  • katespadenyphones die in the desert. don't forget a watch! #coachella

  • johnmiranda_best !
  • balidiattista@larameereb ! So you
  • lindajz@kathaleeny
  • kelsie_sandiego@mattsandiego
  • stylishsarahnycClever @katespadeny
  • amyolivar3zSo do batteries... :x
  • descimalpointBought this a couple days ago. I'm OBSESSED with this and the Monaco collection in my store!
  • harrietadcockNext watch 😍 @elizabethadcock
  • margaret_giustizieriBrought my girls the watches they love it
  • you_are_your_own_hero@raiiom
  • amoi.siaodoll_iczebellaMiss my watch 😕 this is super gorgeous! @taufiqsam
  • rennee_berryyGreat
  • teresegriffin@stephygriff
  • kjkelkhoff@jfaass25 did you take this picture? ;)
  • ohhmgI am writing to you to express my dissatisfaction with a recent Kate Spade on April 3, 2014 from your store located at 865 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94104.

    I was shopping for an everyday bracelet and found the Kate Spade New York “Spade” thin hinged bangle in gold which turned out to be a perfect match. As I was looking at the bracelet, the sales associate commented that its very popular and perfect for everyday wear. However, I was hesitant in purchasing the bracelet as I was concerned for the magnetic hinge which opened easily. I was afraid that it would loosen on its own and fall off. The sales associate assured me that the magnetic closure serves its purpose and has never posed to be a problem. After she provided me the advice, I decided to purchase the bracelet.

    I wore the bracelet two times total and lost my bracelet the second time wearing it yesterday. I am deeply disappointed in the quality of the bracelet. After this purchase, I definitely would not consider purchasing any more Kate Spade items due to the lack of quality and unsound advice from the sales associate. I am unsure what Kate Spade can do for me to reconcile this issue, but please update your associates on the problem of this bracelet so no other customers are given inaccurate information.
  • calebfloresI like this @kell217
  • kell217@calebflores Me toooooo (hint hint) ;)))
  • maddonelsonMe too
  • kristinapetrova2003Ок
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