Congratulations to Stephen Colbert, the new & well-deserved host of the #LateShow.
  • brooksbrothersCongratulations to Stephen Colbert, the new & well-deserved host of the #LateShow.

  • angieromyI was sad to hear Letterman leaving, but Colbert is such a shoe in, its unbelievable!!!! He's fun with flair!!'
  • 714pinkyHe's to far left for my tastes! I guess it's the natural progression from the current host. #lame
  • mcphersonzachHe is way to liberal for my taste can't stand the Colbert report
  • coupecaddie@datmoneykat
  • brandonkbartonWaaayyy too liberal. He's a mockery of himself. These hosts are like train wrecks.
  • thedavidcruzColbert is brilliant! This is going to be great!
  • cecil_a1Going down hill
  • joelthamiltonToo bad. Terrible move. Far too liberal and partisan.
  • mikemcsweeney@brooksbrothers why are you promo-ing this? Would never have thought such a classic American brand would promo such a liberal extremist. You lost a longtime (15 years) customer today.
  • jhatchingtonUnfollowed
  • radjustradPeople are ridiculous
  • ayoung12Indeed! Looking forward to Colbert. Nice shout out, @brooksbrothers
  • colenotphil@zbuggybuggy
  • classicpreppyTerrible decision on CBS' part. He is cruel and mean-spirited and I am disappointed in @Brooksbrothers.
  • annakvogelFantastic choice and thanks for featuring him!
  • inspectorjones@mikemcsweeney: You're way off base. First of all Stephen Colbert wears Brooks Bros. on his show to promote their brand. Furthermore 39 of 44 Presidents, including the ones you voted for, either wear or have worn Brooks Brothers. They're a brand of clothing, not a political party.
  • wiltanjenHoly shit, you faggots are worried about a "liberalist" who makes more than you and who doesnt give a shit about what you say? And Brooks Brothers doesnt care if you unfollow them, they have many more followers who will buy their shit, faggots.
  • poloflipflops@classicpreppy Who are you to judge, that man says the truth and isn't afraid to talk about serious subjects while having fun with it. And don't be mad a a clothing company for congratulating him you hypocrite
  • iamthemaloney@wiltanjen try using better words. You'll get your point across more powerfully and not sound like a closed-minded asshole while you're doing it.
  • wiltanjenWell sorry that I addressed everyone as "faggots", I didn't mean to come across as a closed-minded person, but as you can see, many other individuals come across as ignorant and degrading to Brooks-Brothers for congratulating Steven Colbert. While I, on the other-hand, am telling them that neither of them care about our opinions as normal people, but I did make my point inappropriately and very infantile, and I apologize for that. @iamthemaloney
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