• aminabuddafly

  • lilmissjenniferWazzupp
  • lovlykeeAmina doesnt deserve to get bashed for peter behavior she's a wonderful women but I don't like that peter wont update at least a nice pic or two on his page of her and just say fuck what the haters say I feel he still trying to protect tara feelings and im not saying that theres nothing wrong with that because there recent family pictures look great but I hate to see man playing with a womens feelings if Tara can post a picture of him and her then so should he. But he made it this way after 13 yrs of tara life what do he except of course everyone is going to side with her she is all they really know but amina doesnt deserve the cold shoulder I think her music is great I just pray and hope he does right like he said he would because MARRIAGE is a big thing that people should really take serious. I like both amina and tara but I felt after 13 yrs of my life and you marry someone else after Tara gave him her all was so wrong but we all make mistakes lets not judge allow amina to live her life she is an adult.
  • me_shell619Omg who is this hottie!!!
  • me_shell619Who is this?
  • isokogIt's Peter Gunz. Or you are joking?
  • sysy27Peter gunz
  • simply_geegee78Smh....
  • pam_vs_sha@teesosexy
  • nori1971Ewwwww.
  • sue_stephenI hope he treating you right...u are too good for him!
  • ricangoodnessGirl leave him
  • ricangoodnessHe's old anyways and soon enough he's gonna be good for nothin! Not even dick lol
  • antoniofianceeI love y'all Two
  • kahmeishaI Hate When Ppl Try And Tell Ppl.To Leave Somebody I Bet Yall Shit Not Even Together So Let Amina And Peter Do Him This Shit Not Jusz Happening To This Jusz Cuz They Celebrity Dont Make Them Immortal Everybody Go Thru Shit God Bless U Amina And Peter Keep Doin Yall
  • xxskilaijhaxxI love y'all
  • 778erMF'ers need to proof read their comments before hitting that send button! Lol
  • marks_angel67@shesowavyhaircompany
  • cinne28That sad
  • lovelyjoy7Peter is ugly anyway😁
  • dyamondariesStop lol
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