#nclitfest Bookmaking workshop
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  • nclitfest#nclitfest Bookmaking workshop

  • ncsulibrariesThanks for your picture! The NCSU Libraries is archiving most Instagram photographs tagged #nclitfest to help document the story of the 2014 North Carolina Literary Festival. Your photo has been selected for addition to this archival collection. The archives document the history of NC State for future generations, and your image will become part of the story of the 2014 North Carolina Literary Festival. You will retain full ownership of any and all copyrights, but we ask that you grant the University a nonexclusive right to authorize all uses of these materials for non-commercial research, scholarly, or educational purposes or to publicize the Libraries, compatible with a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-commercial license. Please contact the Libraries Copyright and Digital Scholarship Center (http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/cdsc/contact) with any questions you have about this comment. No further action is required on your part.
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