Lunch Eat Up !!
  • 0ne0foneLunch Eat Up !!

  • ronniedatboul@0ne0fone as your new team is out working there ass of in practice your on vacation I wish you the best djax
  • ronniedatboul@deepower14 it did dumbass
  • mizzs_tntthat aint D.C where in the heck are you?
  • legacyclassicsThere is no practice you fucking idiots
  • legacyclassicsOnly conditioning drills and lifting no football plays no nothing and Desean as I can see doesn't need conditioning drills right now
  • landon.harding86😻Food
  • carmadeeNeed this
  • typapichulosign me to jaccpot ? ⚡⚡⚡ (okay) money.. , look at the money I got. my pockets swole my car fresh out the lot my bitch Nicole giving my dick a massage my flow cold you niggas couldn't get what I got . and every time you see a nigga most likely with a new bitch and every time you see a nigga stacks out so you know I'm rich and every time you see a nigga them hoes going retarded talking about money in the bank when I leave I leave with all of it (alright) new that , new this look at me I got new shit I'm so jaccpot exclusive so brand new how I do it my whole crew got shit too, wassup bruh better make a move choose one side can't have too nigga I ain't playing with you I'm too clutch I'm up next I do it and don't break a sweat fuck nigga tryna fuck me over ? I'll send dogs at your neck some niggas hate on me but some niggas really show respect and that's yo bitch that disappear cus like dj khaled "we the best". ( i Came to the party, turned up with a bad bitch , I came to the party tryna see how white girls really kiss I came to the party got her wet like a Baptist and when I left the party I had your sister on my dick ). you can't see me like steevie got all this ice on my neck , that's one word , freezy (yuph) so dirty , you can't clean me and every time you see a nigga I got a attitude like yeezy all these old niggas , broke niggas bitch I left the state I use a passport to get home nigga (yea!) I I'm on the road nigga I got shows nigga they love me down in California but I've been all around the globe nigga I be tippy toe'n on a bitch nigga (yuph) the Feds wouldn't even fuck with ya ... idk what else to say ...
  • morrind_@mackdaadyy_ please stop
  • 1ciarachantel@_dom_28
  • msnathalieflaThis beautiful 👌
  • pops319@tashamonique6928 We need a vaca! ✈️
  • mykeg.bomIs Tha Tha Corona commercial island???
  • chevskiii@katielynn83 dope AF
  • gspencer30Is that st Bart's
  • ronnieaustion@_____taaylorr that's sweet
  • _____taaylorrMhmm @ronnieaustion
  • elijahs.pov@xohannaray
  • t80robWhat app is this?
  • asaliabloggAwesome 
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