Tusken Raider Gear? #Sony DEV-50
  • sonyTusken Raider Gear? #Sony DEV-50

  • jamin.oliver@hardhaxer he is right all the way.
  • hardhaxer@mrnodayzoff89 team android ? Why are you here ? -_-
  • hardhaxer@mrnodayzoff89 Kos omk algahba -_-
  • hardhaxer@riseabove___ awesome Jesus caption of "darkness" thinge XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
  • _hopscotchchamp@riseabove___ I do believe he thrives on hatred and contempt. Even @savakucherin has seen this post and sounds disgusted with his lack of class and societal integrity. You can't reason with an unreasonable individual...period. And he fits that bill one thousand times over. And @hardhaxer I didn't think I'd have to explain but apparently I do. I am not in a hurry to reply (not replay) to your uninteresting and whimsical comments because as you could imagine, you are most definitely NOT very high on my priority list. My time is precious and you have to much of it. I did not accept your measly apology because I do not sympathize with hackers and individuals who make terroristic threats over the internet. You are in no way intimidating.
  • _hopscotchchamp@hardhaxer "kos omk" is Arabic correct? You sound like you're middle easternish. So Muslim? Islam? I know you not Jewish. Do you believe in anything? Or is @sony the only entity that deserves your exclusive devotion? I'd like to know. It's baffling how an individual could promote such hatred for others and keep their values sacred. Neither @riseabove___ or I have threatened you or insulted you in a degrading way. But you claimed to not be that sort of person and yet it comes so naturally to you...as if it were a gift. Was it really over an apology? Do you honestly believe you even deserve one, are owed one? No. Not in the least. Go ahead, keep threatening. Keep typing your obscene jargon. Type away because its the only thing you have. You've been beaten. Who rages this hard on instagram anyway?! I think physiological shortcomings are a factor in your case. If I were a troll, (which I'm not), then my objective was complete a hundred fold.
  • jamin.oliverOh and @hardhaxer If I am the Jesus of the conversation what does that make you? An insecure little demon? Oh wait... Don't want to be insulting toward saten...
  • _hopscotchchamp@riseabove___ I wholeheartedly agree. At this very moment, he's probably rage typing whatever ill-fated, obscenity-laden, short sighted gibberish his madly inferior, feeble mind can muster. All in an effort towards what? Sorry @hardhaxer, I've given this way to much energy already as this will be my last comment. But you go ahead and keep those outlandish, rage-induced slurs coming! They'll go unheeded rest assured. To any onlookers who make the decision to read this post: Stay in school! Education is key to being an upstanding and pivotal member of society. And deal with constants and certainties. Not corporations or fads. Thanks for reading! I'm sure our colleague will be rage responding real soon. Goodbye all!
  • hardhaxerHa
  • jamin.oliver@hardhaxer nicely put
  • hardhaxer@riseabove___ thank you
  • hardhaxerAnd we all know who win ..
  • hardhaxer@mrnodayzoff89 I might get back to hacking
  • hardhaxer@mrnodayzoff89 what do u think ?
  • jamin.oliver@hardhaxer my opinion is if you find moron that want to just take your money... Hack em! However in public servers a hacker is hated because it may cost other players money and whatnot. So@I guess it's up to you. If I knew how to hack I would not touch servers with other players, but that is just my opinion.
  • ali.alk@friendsupernatural
  • allen_abjهذا شو @_alialk_
  • alexandercula@mike97lx
  • kissmyash.ley#shanedawsonsony
  • shada_alharbi6@sony لو سمحت شاحن الكميره عندكم
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