Me and the homie @teamvic stylin on em all! #RWTW #FallBackBeforeYouFallOut #StriveForGreatness
  • kingjamesMe and the homie @teamvic stylin on em all! #RWTW #FallBackBeforeYouFallOut #StriveForGreatness

  • __ruxx__LO
  • ana.yajWassup bro
  • jujurovers@ddmmi
  • ziwei.lin垃圾
  • theshawna32#illuminate #puppet #666
  • der löwe is mega
  • the_mikeyoung@lovestassia
  • alleyeson_us4@freak_n_stein
  • alleyeson_us4@ysl_bankroll
  • kylesullivan2Lebron, u da real MVP 😢
  • luckgotit@gino_gwalla
  • ah_tee_yah@yung_creation roll with the winners
  • its_me_aa36My brother got the same hat
  • xavier_rocks52Viti Cruz the giants that s my team lebron cavaliers that my team!! #squad
  • _devonshetler23Hey lebron ur a beast what's up
  • _slumboiLebron please shut them up in the finals
  • nate_moultonLike I'm tupac
  • batio_6@sneakerfiendcruz
  • smofobuttaLebron, if you read this. Please. I know you as a basketball person, you want to share, you want your team mates to excel, you want team wins. Most of your career in cleveland were individual wins with some props to big z, mo, shaq, donyell, ben, andy, and so many more but please. Its time to bring your old cavalier self back. I know its easier said than done. Im here in cali. I should be rooting for the lakers, clippers, kings, or warriors but i root for you. Ever since your sophomore year in the nba. I first saw you play against detroit during the reg season cus i was bored and nothing else was on and i saw you rip them apart. I was immediately in awe. At that point i was always excited to see you play. And declared that you were my fav of all times. The combination, power, intensity, and smoothness you bring every night. In those years, you dominated like no one else had. Please, we need you to do that again. As you dominated back then, your team also excelled. You dont need to drop your true game to make this team better. Your 3s were on point and almost everything else, besides fts. Please, as one of your biggest fans. Come back truly. I miss your power dunks, your rainbow threes, your dominance in the paint, and your uncaring nature to a lot of things. F what people say. Youre still the best and the best of all time. Dont mess around anymore. The season before you returned you recorded a 61 point game. Bring those big games back. No one will defeat you or your team if you go back to what you were. A one man category. A legend. I will always support you. Idc how many threes steph makes. How many 50 point games he gets. He will never compare. Please, i beg of you. Bring your humbleness, respectful, skillful, and aggressive self back. Its time. Bring cleveland their championship they deserve. You are the best and you know. Dont forget that or this.
  • sarah_fights#taemeetjames
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