Someone should probably explain to them that this isn't 24 hours..... #planetfitness #fail #limitedhours #whenareyouopen #planetfitnessfail #ihatethisgym #itsnotagym #itsucks
  • tracyy89Someone should probably explain to them that this isn't 24 hours..... #planetfitness #fail #limitedhours #whenareyouopen #planetfitnessfail #ihatethisgym #itsnotagym #itsucks

  • mqflyThis was funny!! Think I'll keep my AF membership. Lol
  • ijeefDid you submit this picture to that article making fun of planet fitness?
  • tracyy89Hahaha no!! @ijeef my friend showed me the article and I was like OMG IM FAMOUS haha idk how they got it!! Prob searched liked #planetfitnessfail haha
  • ijeefHaha wow! I'm surprised hundreds of people didn't search your profile and like this picture. I may be the only one yay
  • tracyy89Hahaha @ijeef you Are ! I guess I'm not as famous as I thought I'd be ! 😩😩
  • sepster13It doesnt say open 24 hours 7 days a week....its saying that it doesnt close from monday to friday. All of Monday 24 hours all of Tuesday 24 hours all of Wed 24 hours..... which is why Saturday and Sunday are on a different line, because they are different times. The Open 24 hours is huge because they want that stand out and get your attention. The sign is 100 % correct.
  • tracyy89@jdaley90 ^^ hahahaha
  • jdaley90Wtf????????
  • phillipsdanielleOMG, Ive said this one to the local manager. Its not 24 hours if its not 24 hours. Thats false advertising!
  • phillipsdanielleif still doesnt make sense because friday it closes at 9pm, which is NOT 24 hours. My gym is 5am monday- 9pm fri and has the same sign
  • tracyy89@phillipsdanielle makes no sense haha. Such is the life of planet fitness...#fail
  • morningzone@fitnessklan
  • heatherakahler@sepster13 Thank goodness, someone else who knows how to read....
  • tracyy89@jdaley90 ^
  • jdaley90Omg I can't even......😂😂😂
  • patopeyIts 24hours starting on Mondays from 12am to 9pm on Friday's people... not 24/7 it still makes sense to
  • tracyy89@jdaley90 they must have just reposted this on buzzfeed or something haha
  • brian_1833_91b_myersThat is the times that there are employees actually there yall. Some small gyms like that don't always keep a staff up there. A janitor and security guard but not actual employees
  • tracyy89@usmc_brian_1833 they're straight up closed at the other times. I have other gyms like that which are 24/7 and you have a key fob but this gym isn't like that.
  • brian_1833_91b_myers@tracyy89 Jesus that is crazy
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