We want to know what your dream prom dress looks like! Describe it below for a chance at a $100 Deb gift card! #giveaway
  • debshopsWe want to know what your dream prom dress looks like! Describe it below for a chance at a $100 Deb gift card! #giveaway

  • annasmileyroseOh and it's got sparkles on it too😉
  • hannahjmathieuBlack satin floor length gown without straps. A huge slit on one side midway up my thigh. The bodice part is tight and between the breasts it's ruched with a sweetheart neckline.
  • allea_prittsA long ball gown, light/baby blue, as poofy as it can get sparkles on the bottom and a lot of flashy jewels on the top (:
  • madi_nicole95The entire dress is gold sparkles. It's long and very fitted with a little bit of flare at the bottom to give it a flowy look and feel. It has long sleeves and a high, straight neckline that comes down into a low cut back (comes down to lower back). It would take my boyfriend's (and everyone else at prom for that matter) breath away.
  • disneynerd94A chiffon strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline, beaded belt around the bodice, possibly white or cream, floor length, with a bit of a soft sparkle to it, slightly poofy but not overdoing it
  • relientk_atieA dark purple and very poofy ball gown. (:
  • alyssa_michelle1234My perfect dress would be a strapless floor length baby pink dress with silver glitter going through it. It would have a sweetheart neckline and be a bit poofy at the end without looking like a ball of puff😂 I would also get a lot of accessaries to glam it up and make it completely and utterly perfect😍
  • melonybofillA light and poofy, full length icy blue dress with a sparkly bodice! ❤️❤️
  • vanessa_lewinskiMy dream dress would be a blue or silver mermaid style dress, that is covered in sparkles and has beading or sequins, and a sweetheart top
  • sissybecky412My dream dress is a pink ball gown with a sweetheart neckline. The bodice is pleated and has beautiful beads that run across the neckline and down the back of the dress accenting the corset style tie. The bodice blends to the skirt and is accented by a beautiful fully bloomed rose on the right hip.
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  • valeriedancerActually my dream prom dress is on your website! It's the royal blue, sweetheart neckline. With jewels on shaping the top of the sweetheart neckline and waist. Ahh... I've been wanting that dress forever because, I love blue AND I think sweetheart neckline dresses are just absolutely to die for! @debshops
  • _mad.ddy_My dress will be a strap less dress with lots of bling & it will be really poffy & lime green or baby blue. @debshops
  • bellamomoadrogoMy dream dressed would have an Asian influence. I love the traditional Japanese clothing. So have an influence like that with a bit of sparkly modern fashion would be my dream prom dress
  • _cheerstagram1I just want something like me. I want it to b simple but elegant. I want bright colors like pinks, blues, and purples to show off my spunk. I want it to have a key hole back to show my outgoingness. I picture a bit of a puffy skirt with a silver glitter belt. Top it off with purple sneaker wedges and curled hair to show my gangster and girly side 😊
  • midnight.sageA light gentle color with a frilly full length skirt to it :) and of corse it must match my boots ❤️❤️
  • jillpourmandVery sparkly flowy and long, dark blue fading into light blue, it's actually on ur site/in your store, I've wanted it for a long time I fell in love at first sight it's sweetheart neckline and I'm in love
  • vibeswithjaeIk I'm late but my perfect dress is a mermaid fitting dress with a poofy bottom part, sweetheart neckline, all turquoise with diamond embroidery in the top part and silver sparkly shoes.
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