I feel special again. ❤️
  • snookiI feel special again. ❤️

  • colesmom92314We don't have this in Rhode Island
  • classicalkarinaAwhhh congrats snooooksss!
  • jedavilla@perenina ja tinha visto??
  • perenina@jedavilla não! Pregooo again?
  • kristenw727I love these spots! So cute and exciting to park in a spot that's just for expecting mommies <3 I walk all the time but this is too cute to pass up parking here
  • izzy_is_hungryim late 😂 but oh well . Congrats !!! lol i know im like probably the youngest one commenting but idc ✋ i always used to watch Jersey Shore and my parents would get mad cuz of your behavior but i even said "just wait till she becomes an amazing person" and you did . you stopped being that drunk girl who got arrested on the beach . and ever since i said that i've never doubted you . you have a beautiful son and one coming . enjoy every second you have . these things dont come free . question ppl are asking is probably : "how the hell would she know?" and i dont but i can only imagine 😊 i love children i just cant wait till i have one of my own . keep making us proud and live how you want to live . i love you snooki 😘❤️ ~Isabelle
  • lady_dar2214& the ones for moms of infants 😊
  • serinajai@sweetheart683
  • sweetheart683@serinajai I'm not having no more babies wth lol
  • serinajai@sweetheart683 lmaooo one more c'mon
  • serinajai@sweetheart683 snooks is preggo again
  • sweetheart683@serinajai girl where u been I knew this already lmao u know I love snooki
  • mariiecallendersHi
  • cathw2222So happy for u don't listen to the haters 😘😘
  • __clark_74_mahomie__Is she pregnant ägäïñ
  • __clark_74_mahomie__@serinajai
  • kelliehernandezIt's so sickening reading the hateful comments. I'm sure 99% of the know it all's have never even carried a child. Keep being perfectly pregnant
  • skylatellaYesss @izzy_is_hungry that's the truth I believes it too I was like 10 or 11 idek and had a team snooki shirt😂😂 I always thought she was amazing let's be honest she was only being her age it's sad she got called out when I bet half the people who hated her did it too ..they need too lighten up she is only a human but anyway #teamsnooki 👌💕
  • meoww_demiiA bunch of fucking haters. Your just mad your ugly asses will never look like nicole. Haters gonna hate.
  • madi_corbettKeep doing you fuck haters
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