• traveloregonBefore I wrap it all up I wanted to mention that I'll be posting lots more photos over on my account @casstaway with information on activities to do in this part of Oregon as well as other facts I learned along the way! I've got quite a bit more to share and I hope you all wanna hear more about it! It's crazy how many rad things you can do in Oregon that I never knew about. The people here in Eastern Oregon are super involved & passionate, which to me, make the activities even more exciting to participate in. Don't forget to tag your photos #traveloregon ! Enjoy the next wonder of Oregon coming up next!! I know I can't wait to see it!! Thanks all for the support, #iloveoregon :) -- @casstaway

  • ponyboyy24@cheyennegerig
  • andrew.studer@casstaway haha I love how you run travel Oregon's Instagram but you're from Cali
  • lostinthewildsThanks for showing me a part of Oregon I've never seen. I'm stoked to visit eastern Oregon now....soon?
  • breathegraceGreat @casstaway ... Ps you did a great job and people with rude comments are just jealous. Negativity will get them nowhere in life ✌️❤️
  • brooke_weeberGreat job, loved your pics and the stories that went along with them! You've inspired me to go back to a part of oregon I hardly get to see!
  • hwestlake0I love this area of Oregon, it's amazing how few Oregonians know about it.... There is so much to do and the scenery is breathtaking!
  • trevor_delaplain@bigdmo
  • easternoregonWe loved meeting u cassanda. Come back soon as u only saw 1 small portion of #easternoregon!
  • basecampbaker_comThanks for visiting our favorite corner of #oregon. So glad you enjoyed her time in #thewallowas and we got to meet you
  • judiaann@casstaway Thank YOU for visiting and for showing the wonders of the Wallowas through your eyes! 🌲☀
  • annaleeheil@christykkw IG on Oregon.
  • benroback@alaynabrooke
  • mohadafaliq@alhaddad89
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