• traveloregonI left a piece of my soul here you guys. I am so glad I came here. I'm sure I've made that obvious. I hope you all get a chance to visit any of the towns surrounding the Wallowas (please talk to me if you want recommendations!!) - I've learned so much from all of them. Rich with history, passionate about preservation, proud of their surroundings. I already have my own plans to visit again during summer months, all the locals urged me to come back to re-do everything I've done this trip but at my own leisure because seriously, I could spend HOURS at every location I've visited. My mind absorbed every bit of knowledge everyone shared with me along the way - it is all THAT interesting. I am excited to see if any of you journey here, if you do please tag me! because dang, I miss it already. #traveloregon #iloveoregon /// xo @casstaway

  • warah7@babeinbend this is now on my bucket list of mtn to summit!
  • kimlifeinoregonLet's do it! @sdement
  • travelbybike@1chilledpanda
  • easternoregon#casstaway so happy 2 read your posts for #traveloregon #thewallowas &#easternoregon . U truly got who we are out east! Come again.
  • katemjorgensen♥️👍
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