James Reimer moments before tonight's pre-game warm up. #TMLtalk #Leafs
  • mapleleafsJames Reimer moments before tonight's pre-game warm up. #TMLtalk #Leafs

  • joffrey_lupul19_fanpageCan you not!!! 👋 You don't even have a life all you do is comment stupid and mean comments and Reimer has feeling too okay he's a human too just because Reimer is a goalie doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings!!!! @jerrykauer
  • tpleafs@r_bandini does the truth hurt. Does nt matter to me everyone who loves Reimer can follow him to Calgary since that is where the rumors are hinting
  • nuijbbdGARBAGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. How the fuck u go on a lose streak at the end of the year. all that hype for what. Garbage errrrr
  • trevorwilcox4The defence let's in too many shots. It's really amazing that the Leafs are able to score 2-3-4 goals per game with all the shots getting through. Everyone on defence but the two young guys need the boot. Same with Carlyle. Then they need to bring the salaries down, because several forwards are on autopilot all season... But other than that the only guys that DONT need to get blamed are the goaltenders, because Bernier AND Reimer have been singlehandedly keeping us above the Sabres and Panthers in the standings all season! But in the meantime, everyone grab your hypothetical pitchforks and torches because its the annual time of the season to start mobbing up on Young Street again.
  • ronaldofan_1234I agree with @joffrey_lupul19_fanpage Reimer has feelings two
  • plne_zivotaYes @joffrey_lupul19_fanpage Reimer has feelings but he's also playing for the toughest fan-based team and knows he has to deal with the haters...I can't sit back and be like 'good job, nice save' when the guy is and DID kill us! 3 goals in 10 shots is not an NHL goalie, you have to be good...Do you want to see the cup in Toronto or not? @nathanmiller1980 can see the sloppy ness and no confidence, take Reimer out before he loses more than just games
  • _hail.16Ummmm riemer sucks
  • _hail.16Ummmm riemer sucks
  • ronaldofan_1234Riemer doesn't suck @bozak_kessel_42_81 he's a good goalie but not the best
  • _chasing.successTime to get rid of the coaches sweep Em out bring in some new coaching staff!!! Get rid of reimer he is not an nhl quality goalie can't play the crease offensively and play with a strategy for Christ sakes
  • bruno_mac96Reimer has his moments but you can't blame the guy his teammates don't even help the man out.
  • colemanaarRimer can't go
  • honeykisses_xoxoWoah you guys call ur selves "leaf fans" but yet talk down a goalie that brought leafs to the playoffs last year (2013) after what 8 years of being out of the playoffs and yet have the balls to say "get rid of him" really? Come on guys any true hockey fan knows that a goalie is not to blame when a team loses, it's a team effort not a one man you can't sit there and blame Reimer when his defence can't seem to have his back!
  • mateus_katAgreed 100% @honeykisses_xoxo it's not just the goalie to blame the front 5 have a lot to do with it as well!!!!!
  • joffrey_lupul19_fanpageI get what your saying but honestly you need to know that hockey is a tough sport and its not easy and a lot of people don't seem to get that!!! Anyways obviously Reimer has to deal with haters who all think hockey is easy and your saying he has to be good, Reimer is truly amazing but he just can't show his talent off because he has to be bench and everytime he's on the bench his self esteem goes down so you have to understand there still people and you have to remember that they have feelings to because its not only you saying those rude comments its other people too!!! Of course me and the rest of Toronto want to see the cup but with all these rude and nasty comments obviously there self Esteem goes down and there not in the mood of playing!!! So next time you speak think about what you say and then comment that!!! @plne_zivota
  • plne_zivotaNicely placed @joffrey_lupul19_fanpage I hear ya
  • joffrey_lupul19_fanpageThanks :) @plne_zivota
  • _jacob.k34_So true. Reimer is the beat
  • kevinguest81Cool
  • anthonykriznikAre they in an elavator?
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