The first step to creating your perfect canvas is only $18 (reg. $36). Get @smashboxcosmetics' Photo Finish Primer now online and in stores!
  • ultabeautyThe first step to creating your perfect canvas is only $18 (reg. $36). Get @smashboxcosmetics' Photo Finish Primer now online and in stores!

  • desloveshersonshine@alissamdzz
  • zeefaxo@ouroboras
  • cotto1991Do use ship to Australia??
  • craftsmakeupfood@karme_b 👍😄
  • craftsmakeupfood@robynn_m - true, but I would have to pay for shipping each time I ordered and I wouldn't get it right away :/ ... But my biggest thing is I would have to pay shipping which would start adding up :(
  • chrismil004@nzhels aaargh so cheap
  • rosannalynn13Bought this today
  • realbrittanyhaydenI bought this today and can't wait to try it out! 😍
  • dj1028Picked it up today...great buy!
  • nzhels... @chrismil004 - I KNOW! 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😥😥😥😥😥
  • kristiebeautyI got to my Ulta at 10AM sharp right when they opened and there were only 5 Too Faced blushes on the display! I got the last one. I was expecting there to be a good batch. Why wasn't there many in stock?
  • letyzzzSo disappointed oo
  • letyzzzAl
  • letyzzz*also about the too faced blushes. Got there 15 min after they opened and they were all gone. Total bs so disappointed at ulta
  • astroandcherrysmomWas told by an Ulta staff member they dont stock for sales so u will buy a higher priced item. I left buying nothing....SHADY. #lostmybusinessforgood
  • beautybyraeesaI had two of these in my bag and I was at checkout and was completing my purchase and once I submitted it it told me that they're sold out. Is that normal? I would assume that if they were already put into my bag they were mine until checkout :/ I don't shop online much so I don't know how it works 😔
  • sarahlizzabethGot this in store yesterday... love it, what a steal!! <3
  • mydarlingcuriosThe 20% is a luck of the draw coupon. Not everyone receives it unfortunately. I do wish that they would definitely send one to people who have the platinum status as an extra perk:( I didn't get one in the mail and I usually always get one. The way I see it is they don't have to send them at all...and it helps to keep money in my pocket that I would have spent on makeup I probably don't need lol!
  • katie___bugggg@michellebufkin85 yes
  • faith_nscRad
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