T minus 38 hours #Boston2014 #BostonMarathon #marathon
  • karaleigh104T minus 38 hours #Boston2014 #BostonMarathon #marathon

  • fallwall19Good luck !!!
  • marbleheadmarathoner@karaleigh104 I just read your story on runners world and am so sorry people used your number, you worked hard to qualify, and race as well as you did!
  • wad1980@marbleheadmarathoner I agree!
  • racedotsReally heartbreaking that people don't respect the achievement.
  • gettingfitfabI am SO sorry that people ran under your number. SO sad!
  • mommygorunJust read your story on I'm fit possible and Runnersworld. People suck sometimes. Glad to see you maintaining a positive attitude. Proud of you for that AND your accomplishment! #runnersrock
  • jeffner77I'm so sorry this happened to you, but this doesn't make you any less of a rock star. What an amazing accomplishment, Kara.
  • jessearmijoJust read your story. Sorry to hear this.
  • leah_balentineI can't believe what happened to you. So sorry!! It's hard to believe people could so such a thing!
  • g.e.s.quireAs a D1 cross country athlete I KNOW how hard you worked for this and I'm so proud that you brought those bandits to light after you found out! Brush the dirt off your shoulder and move forward, knowing people are inspired by you, and hey it looks like four of them even wanted to be you ;)
  • amybethhancockI just read your story tonight. I am stunned and saddened for you.
  • jimmyprostvery sorry to hear about other people copying your bib number, but you really should have put this picture up after to prevent something like this from happening. my 2c
  • cutandpasted@jimmyprost very true!
  • ashli_stinMake your Instagram private to prevent something like this in the future :)
  • karaleigh104@jimmyprost absolutely. It never occurred to me, but hopefully this will be a caution to others about posting bib photos prior to a race! #lessonlearned
  • goshdollyJust read you story makes me soo mad. I'm so sorry. But these people will get what they deserve everyone knows there a piece of sht now. I hope next year they put the persons first name who is running on the bib so this doesn't happen again.
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