But first...Let me take a selfie lol #bindipower @child_of_wild
  • vanessahudgensBut first...Let me take a selfie lol #bindipower @child_of_wild

  • su.nanthaJust because not her culture doesn't mean she can't wear those?? She is just celebrating it. Wtf is wrong with you.
  • thelifewishlist@snth.x you aren't "celebrating" a culture when wearing it continues to perpetuate the oppression of people of color. when she wears it, it's trendy. yet when people of color wear it, it contributes to the American/westernized view of "foreigner" That is not celebration. That is appropriation.
  • su.nantha@justgirlywishes Did Vanessa Hudgens tell you she did it to create a trend? I mean people do henna and stuff but is that cultural appropriation? If yes the the Muslims shouldn't draw henna. Its originated from India so are you going to tell them to stop? And because pants and shorts are western cultured.. is the rest of the planet going to stop wearing pants. There is a difference. Some dumb people take it as trend, I'm against it too. I just called out someone for selling Ganesh charmed chockers (but lol we worship him, he is god) and she was nice enough to take it down though. That is cultural approriation. Certain cultures were built up from another culture and thats okay. But yes, whites who are trying to take things like OM and making it celestial and shit gtg. I'm Indian and I can't hate people for loving some parts of our culture. At the same time, that love has a limit. Wearing bindi, in my opinion is still okay as long as people know it's called a BINDI and it's from the INDIAN tradition and culture.
  • j_lugo45😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️
  • tchaikovskys_swanI totally respect this whole opinion, I kind of think cultural appropriation is causing more hate rather than teaching what it's true meaning is. @snth.x
  • su.nanthaTbh true. I personally think that not everything is cultural appropriation because some parts of culture have been generally adapted over the years. I only think cultural appropriations of when people name something that it isn't and call it something their people came up with (thus, making it a trend yk?). If you wear it and you know the origin of it, then you're celebrating it. If you wear it (for instance the Hindu sign of Om and the Hindu God Ganesha) and use/call it something trendy (aka celestial in reference to my example) then, that is cultural appropriation. I just think people need to see it this way instead of letting other learn our culture too. @tchaikovskys_swan
  • freckledcreepStop glamorizing the parts of indian culture you want to steal if you don't suffer and identify as one. This is disgusting. @vanessahudgens You are so much better than this. INDIAN CULTURE IS NOT AN ACCESSORY. INDIAN CULTURE IS NOT A FASHION STATEMENT. INDIAN CULTURE SUFFERS IN THE USA BECAUSE OF THE RACISM THEY EXPERIENCE ON THEIR DAILY LIVES AND YOU DO NOT EXPERIENCE WHAT THEY DO SO STOP WEARING THE BINDI.
  • freak_aestheticsThank you @freckledcreep
  • katyasocks@liberalbeauties yeah it's her
  • itsjordamnn@anaellevaissieres
  • anaellevaissieres😏@jordnv
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  • dipped_in_gold____Me like it @nastashia__
  • sierramking@lyssasato okay
  • missmchristinaVanessa's intentions are most likely cultural APPRECIATION. not appropriation. she's not insulting or mocking the culture in any way so why are people getting pissed off over it? not everything is cultural appropriation.
  • noeliz0819U are so beautifull.. i admire your beauty so much
  • scofield.cps@__.offfff elle a trooop de charme !!
  • emmanitramT'abuse grave @scofield.cps
  • joeybirlem.inI love this picture you are beautiful
  • jodiey_@andiehipwood
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