#Atlanta! Come out TODAY to meet @RockieFresh at the #PUMALab at our Greenbriar Mall store at 4pm courtesy of @PUMA!
  • footlocker#Atlanta! Come out TODAY to meet @RockieFresh at the #PUMALab at our Greenbriar Mall store at 4pm courtesy of @PUMA!

  • just.rick_He is raw
  • rayb_bpLmaooo @xaviieerrr
  • ayy.atibWhat about new york?
  • syvqrockieeee
  • 4fingers_1thumbMy cousin
  • daveman1186No thanks
  • justinejjacksonGreat 👍👍👍
  • 1heartonelove@disposablebread lls
  • disposablebread@1heartonelove this nigga. Ima dwnld his mixtape
  • game1designs#moh
  • game1designs#MoH
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  • aust1ndave@fernando_nando07 gtfo gay boy
  • chinkyerock@fernando_nando07 fag
  • advertisingkicks3Fag
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  • cwagner16These suck balls this is probibly ur acount and it sucks ass @advertisingkicks3
  • uhhchrissFuuuuck if only he was in Cali
  • zay9ine_Puma. 😐
  • sinnsilk@theo_w1 opinion on these?
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