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  • jimmytrainaHere's your horrible sports fan of the night. Adult tries to take ball from kid. Jeter doesnt allow it.

  • mike_monaco34@tommygranz
  • ctp11@nspetrillo telling a young girl who is defending her mother that you accused of trying to steal from a child, to shut up, is pathetic. Tell me to shut up, I don't care. She was obviously hurt by this and you had to twist the knife a little more.
  • nspetrillo@ctp11 oh shut up
  • m_rosa29The bottom line is this. Jeter wasn't looking at her, didn't say anything to her and pulled it away from her twice. It's not like she was the only one there. She's in a stadium full of people and this whole "He didn't see her" is bull crap. Obviously if he didn't look or say anything to you, it's not for you! Now I'm not saying it makes her a "terrible fan" but she definitely knew it wasn't meant for her and still tried to get the ball.
  • m_rosa29She didn't see her*
  • springer111if you read her lips- she points and says "my daughter" but it could be BS just to get the ball
  • alexfgravey@chaddad51 @yianniskap Jeter da god! Lmaooo
  • chaddad51@moneymannion
  • fyzikal@arena__ boom
  • doublex1up@ziddy9
  • burke.vbLol it's pretty pathetic how adults act in these situations. You're a grown up for Christ's sake. Quit being an idiot and let him give the ball to the kid.
  • ziddy9@oldsolexnewsole legend
  • rzperezHell ya jeter way to go. He didnt toss it and hoped she got it. He handed it to her.
  • joegriffin99yeee reddit brought me here
  • elleloubov@hellatrippy
  • magicstocktonI love this shit.
  • danielmorris@ctp11 please shut up. You are annoying and your logic is stunning.
  • blebowDon't leave your seat next time to get fuggin' ice cream and maybe you'll get your damn ball!
  • j_nunez88@omar_300d
  • little_brant@tim_reyrey
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